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Job Postings


HM19 At Hand Mobile App Job Postings 

Reach thousands of Hospital Medicine professionals by posting your open positions electronically within the HM19 At Hand mobile application. 

Post your open positions exclusively on the official conference app; HM19 At Hand. By posting in the official conference app, HM19 attendees will be able to view your open position(s) on their mobile devices and click through to contact you or visit at your booth.  Job postings within the HM19 At Hand mobile app allow for higher visibility, in-private viewing, and a wider distribution to attendees including those using the app from remote locations. 

Job posting spots within the mobile app are available at the following pricing structure.

(1) for $500
(2) for $900
(3) for $1200

Should you have questions regarding electronic job postings, please contact the SHM Exhibits Team; exhibits@hospitalmedicine.org

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