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Our Exclusive Level Sponsors are the best in the business!

AirBoss Rubber Solutions - App Sponsor
As one of North America’s leading custom rubber compounders, Airboss develops and manufactures high quality rubber compounds for use in automotive, industrial, infrastructure, oil & gas and defense applications. With a capacity to process approximately 450 million turn pounds annually from facilities in both Canada and the United States, Airboss is an industry leader in the development of proprietary custom rubber formulations and providing solutions for next generation products.


Parker LORD - Educational Symposium Sponsor

Parker LORD, a subsidiary of Parker Hannifin Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of advanced adhesives and coatings, as well as vibration and motion control technologies. Parker LORD supports technologies in aerospace, climate control, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatics, process control, sealing and shielding and human motion.


HEXPOL - Lanyard Sponsor

HEXPOL Rubber Compounding (HEXPOL) engineers’ high-quality rubber and silicone solutions that improve your applications. With an emphasis on Quality, Speed-to-Market, Value Engineering/Technical Support, Customer Service, and Supply Chain security, HEXPOL is constantly striving to drive continuous improvement so you can achieve higher performance in your day-to-day operations.


HollyFrontier - Hotel Custom Keycard Sponsor

HollyFrontier Lubricants and Specialties is an independent petroleum refiner and marketer that produces specialty products including Paraffinic, Aromatic and low PAH Process oils. HollyFrontier is a pioneer in the development of Rubber Process Oils with its trademark Sunpar™ paraffinic, Sundex™ aromatic, Circosol™, Paraflex™ and Krystol™ product lines. HollyFrontier also operates a state-of-the-art rubber laboratory at our Tulsa, OK refinery to support our customers. HollyFrontier has total refining capacity of 450,000 barrels per day through five refineries in the U.S.


Lianda - Technical Meeting
For over 25 years, Lianda has been a reliable source of high quality products for both the Rubber and Plastics industries. We focus on high performance elastomers such as CPE, CR, CSM, HNBR, Silicone and FKM as well specialty additives such as flame retardants, color & additive dispersions, peroxides, coagents, and composite zinc oxide. Our highly experienced TS&D team, along with a fully equipped lab, enables us to provide a high level of technical support and expertise to our customers. We focus on collaboration with our customers as we continuously strive to satisfy their technical, logistical, and commercial needs. Lianda works hard to consistently earn the status of being More Than a Distributor.


Monolith - WiFi Sponsor
At Monolith, we have developed and perfected a new technology the uses renewable electricity to convert natural gas into carbon black and hydrogen. While Monolith’s commitment to creating environmentally sustainable carbon black is redefining the industry, one thing remains unchanged - performance. Monolith’s carbon black is developed with surface-area and structure combinations that offer versatility to engineer compounds to their specific requirements and to meet the myriad demands for high-performing carbon blacks for tire/rubber, mechanical rubber goods and specialty customers.


Polymer Machinery Company - Tote Bag Sponsor

Polymer Machinery Company is the exclusive North American Distributor for Pan Stone rubber, silicone and composites molding equipment. Pan Stone is known worldwide as a technology leader in rubber machinery with quality standards that far exceed the competition. Pan Stone’s goal is to provide an innovative and quality product with zero defects, at an affordable price. Pan Stone continuously updates its manufacturing systems and is focused on achieving excellence in manufacturing and customer service. Polymer Machinery Company also provides services for the Pan Stone products. Our team of sales and service professionals are available to assist with sales, installation, onsite service, spare parts, and technical support.


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