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Science & Technology Awards Ceremony

Science & Technology Awards Ceremony and Keynote Address
October 20, 2020; 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Rubber Division, ACS annually honors the best of the best with the most prestigious awards in our industry – our Science & Technology Awards. Attend this event to celebrate and show your support of our 2020 Science & Technology Award winners as they are honored at this ceremony. The Keynote Address will immediately follow the presentation of awards to the Science & Technology Award winners. 

2020 Science & Technology Award Winners:

Charles Goodyear Medal - Sponsored by Rubber Division, ACS
- Dr. Nissim Calderon

Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award - Sponsored by Lion Elastomers
- Dr. Kenneth T. Gillen

George Stafford Whitby Award for Distinguished Teaching & Research - Sponsored by Cabot Corporation
- Dr. Chrys Wesdemiotis

Sparks-Thomas Award - Sponsored by ExxonMobil
- Dr. David Simmons

Chemistry of Thermoplastic Elastomers Award - Sponsored by Renkert Oil, LLC
- Dr. Lewis Fetters

Fernley H. Banbury Award - Sponsored by Endurica, LLC
- Dr. Ken Nakajima

Bioelastomer Award - Supported by versalis
- Dr. Colleen McMahan