About The Root Cause Coalition

Who We Are
Comprised of more than 45 of our nation’s leading health systems, foundations, community non-profits,businesses, and health insurers - The Root Cause Coalition is a non-profit, member-driven organization established to reverse and end the systemic root causes of health inequities for individuals and communities through cross-sector partnerships.

What We Mean By Health Equity
Health equity is when everyone has an equal and fair opportunity to achieve their full health potential. Sadly, our zip codes currently determine more about our life-long health than our genetic codes. Where we work, live, learn, and grow accounts for nearly 60% of our health. However, these factors aren’t often prioritized when making policy decisions. Achieving health equity requires all of us working together to address the root causes of poor health outcomes. Progress is being made by cross-sector collaborators, but without a strong safety-net to help communities stabilize those in need and help lift them back up, these innovative partnerships will be less effective and health equity will remain out of reach.

Reverse and end the systemic root causes of health inequities for individuals and communities through cross-sector partnerships.

The Root Cause Coalition will be the national resource on how to facilitate pathways for cross-sector, community systems change that improve health outcomes for individuals and communities.

Our Core Values
Focusing on Community Change

  • The Coalition focuses on changing policies and systems in order to effect widespread and lasting improvements that lead to health equity. This includes addressing myriad basic needs as well as equity, inclusion and bias in organizations and communities.

Advancing Authentic Collaboration

  • The Coalition inspires leaders to prioritize cross-sector solutions that address the root causes of health inequities.
  • The Coalition advances the practice of collaboration by supporting organizations in identifying shared interests, respecting diverse perspectives, sharing authority and responsibility, and working effectively.

Scaling Innovative Solutions

  • The Coalition efficiently and effectively facilitates shares learning across sectors and geographies.
  • The Coalition cultivates new partnerships and bold solutions that have the potential to drive sustainable change.

Engaging and Learning from Communities

  • The Coalition recognizes that those most affected by inequities in health and social conditions are the experts on their experience.
  • The Coalition welcomes and elevates these voices and prioritizes solutions that are identified by those communities.
Interested in becoming a member of The Root Cause Coalition? Email us at contact@rootcausecoalition.org 

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