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NOT your “Typical” Exhibit Booth!!! In addition to providing a new, exciting and effective vehicle for organizations to present an exhibition display and information materials educating the industry regarding their services and products, PPP-PODs (Public-Private Partnership Place of Discussions) are designed to generate interaction. The PPP-POD space is the epicenter of all gatherings during EMLC… the location of breakfast, lunch, break stations and open discussion forums. POD exhibitors are encouraged to host and promote a discussion topic in their PODs after the conclusion of plenary sessions to generate further discussion on specific topics addressed in the plenaries. Organizations electing to provide a topic for discussion will have their PPP-POD and discussion topic promoted in all conference program guides and signage (topics must be relevant to the topics of preceding plenary sessions). Though EMLC Management provides beverage stations, exhibitors taking part in the PPP-PODs hosted discussion program are also encouraged to provide additional refreshments in their PPP-PODs for visiting attendees. PPP-PODs are also designed in a “meeting-friendly” format to facilitate 1-on-1 meetings. With the introduction of the EMLC “Network” app, participants purchasing PPP-PODs will have the opportunity to request meetings and schedule 1-on-1 time directly with registered attendees. The “Network” feature of the EMLC app will allow exhibitors to manage meeting schedules, communicate with target attendees and keep up with all of the events taking place during EMLC… all in 1 place.

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