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Why Attend

The first PlacesForBikes Conference will be held June 28 – 30, 2017 at the Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin. It will bring together top thinkers and movers and shakers from cities and towns across the U.S. who are making quick improvements to bicycle infrastructure. Through breakout sessions, conversations and peer-to-peer networking, attendees will leave Madison with an action plan to speed progress on building infrastructure that connects people to education, employment, recreation, and transit; and encouraging people to use it.

Keynote speakers Van Jones, Seleta Reynolds, John Burke, and Brian Payne; notable bicycle industry leaders; PeopleForBikes expert staff, board members, and research advisory panel; and mayors and elected officials, top city and agency staff, local business leaders, bike retailers, community and neighborhood leaders, advocates and funders will convene to offer and discuss best practices in the space.

Topics will include planning complete bike networks, finding funding, overcoming bikelash, making the business case for bicycling, engaging non-traditional partners, measuring success, speeding project delivery, building more equitable communities, and more content focused on helping local decision-makers make the case that bicycling is a great value for communities and equipping them with a general outline of the programs and policies necessary to succeed.

For city staff, local advocates, or design consultants seeking in-depth sessions on the technical details of planning, implementation, and design, please consider attending the 
APBP Professional Development Seminar in Memphis, TN, June 26-29.

For those seeking more information on key trends in urban street design and transportation policy and an opportunity to network with high-level transportation practitioners from across the U.S., consider attending the NACTO Designing Cities conference in Chicago, IL, October 30-November 2.

The conference is open to anyone interested in accelerating progress on biking in their community. It will be particularly helpful to communities that send delegations of change makers ready to roll up their sleeves and work as teams. 

Consider joining for these five reasons!


This conference is bringing together the city leaders that are building better cities. Pursue your professional development with access to information, people, and experiences you can't get elsewhere. National and local experts will share best practices on topics such as planning complete bike networks, finding funding, overcoming bikelash, making the business case for bicycling, engaging non-traditional partners, measuring success, speeding project delivery, building more equitable communities and more. These leaders will also be available for 1:1 and smaller roundtable discussions. 


Take advantage of this opportunity to network with the major players and leaders in the space. Share strategies and build connections with peers from other cities. Talk about what you are doing and where you are going. Think big about acting as a change agent in the complex work of building better communities.


Use the PlacesForBikes city ranking system to evaluate progress and build momentum locally. Be a part of the leading program to make sure that bikes are part of the economic backbone of U.S. cities and towns. 


Leave engaged, inspired and ready to work. With the help of coaches and advisors, develop power maps, tools and an action plan to accelerate progress back home. Go home with determination and expertise to go beyond your expectations and quickly develop places. Move your thoughts into action. 


This is a bright spots conference! Elevate and celebrate what works in your community, and work together on overcoming the harder aspects of your work.

We look forward to hosting the best and the brightest in our community for a great conference!



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