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ALL Exhibitors must register through the Exhibitor Service Center to get your exhibitor badges. For questions, please contact the Exhibitor Coordinator, Meggie Davlin at

In fairness to our exhibitors who financially support the show, any vendor/supplier who is not exhibiting and does not meet our “eligibility to attend” requirements will not be permitted to register as an attendee. Individuals who work for a vendor/supplier company must register as an Exhibitor. If you fall into this vendor policy, please contact Exhibitor Sales at

All registrations will be reviewed and if it is determined by the M-PACT team that an attendee does not meet the “eligibility to attend” requirements to register for the M-PACT Tradeshow as an attendee will have their registration canceled and will be subject to forfeit all registration fees. Please email with additional questions, or contact your state association office for more clarification.


Welcome to the M-PACT 2024 attendee registration. To protect the integrity of the show and to ensure the value of the M-PACT Tradeshow, the endorsed policy is as follows:

To qualify as an Attendee for the M-PACT Tradeshow, all attendees must be one of the following:

  • own, operate or work for a retailer or convenience store
  • own, operator or work for a truck stop
  • own, operate or work for a petroleum marketer/distributor, or transport company
  • own, operate or work for a propane marketer/distributor, or transport company

For large group registrations, please contact Attendee Registration Services at

For more information about sponsorship opportunities or to register as a sponsor, please contact Cathy Melton at or at 317.319.4294.

M-PACT invites you to a spectacular casino inspired Kick-off Event! Immerse yourself in the world of casino games, dueling pianos and more at this year's first night festivity. The Kick-off Event is a great time to reconnect with familiar faces and forge new connections during this evening filled with excitement, delectable cuisine, and fun performances. This is an event not to be missed. Dress will be casual.

Please click the Start button to begin the attendee registration process.