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Welcome to M-PACT 2016 attendee registration. This form is for attendees only.  Attendees must own, operate, or work for a convenience store, a truck stop, a petroleum and/or propane marketer/distributor.  

If you are not eligible for Attendee Registration, your registration may be canceled without notice and you will forfeit your registration fee.  Please contact for more information.

Exhibitors must register though the Exhibitor Service Center. For information or assistance, please contact Judi DuPont, Exhibit Coordinator, 217.544.4609 or e-mail

Sponsors must register through Sponsorship Coordinator Cathy Melton. For more information about sponsorship opportunities or to register as a sponsor, please e-mail or call 317.655.4448.

Please click the Start button to begin the attendee registration process.

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