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Abstract Submission


Thank you for your interest in presenting at NENA 2024 in Orlando, FL! The breakout program at NENA's annual conference is one of the most important elements of the event. These sessions provide an opportunity for you to share your knowledge and experience with an informed and enthusiastic audience filled with 9-1-1 professionals who are eager to gain and share information.
For NENA attendees, breakout sessions are often the most memorable element of the conference. To meet our audience’s high expectations, your session must be engaging, informative, and applicable to a diverse audience with a wide range of professional and personal backgrounds. Sessions should also be applicable to as wide an audience as possible and never be focused on a single vendor solution.  
To ensure your submission receives due consideration, please ensure:

  • Your proposal is issue-focused, not product-focused (vendor agnostic or neutral);
  • Your 65-word presentation description contains a precise objective;
  • You are able to identify three clear audience takeaways;
  • You fully complete all areas of the submission form and provide accurate contact information, including phone number(s), e-mail address(es), and mailing address(es); and 
  • You use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.
  • All of your session presenters are identified. Please note that sessions are one hour in length, so panel presentations should generally have no more than 3-4 presenters to ensure that everyone has time to share their information and insights. 

Submissions are due by Friday, November 10, 2023.

All session submitters will receive acceptance or rejection notifications by mid-January 2024 and those submitters selected for the conference will receive multiple communications from NENA. In addition, all presenters will be invited to at least one session-facilitation webinar. 

If you do not receive either an acceptance or rejection email from NENA by January 19, 2024, then please contact NENA Course Manager Lisa Fulton.