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Resume Review is MANDATORY!


· All first time attendees MUST submit their resumes to
 nabasrsc2019@emailitin.com .

· If you are a previous attendee of the NABA Southern Region Student Conference and have had your resume reviewed in the past by a professional it is not required that you submit your resume through this process again. Please consider updating your resume in accordance with previously communicated feedback and the templates/guidelines below.

Resume templates:

The following templates have been approved by NABA Southern Region and are strongly suggested:

College Hire Resume Template
Experienced Hire Resume Template
Action Verbs List

Resume review process:

  • Submit your resume for review using the guidelines below.
  • Resumes will NOT be edited; suggested changes and feedback will be provided for you to make the changes.

Resume review guidelines:

  • Resumes must be saved as a Word document.
  • Resumes must be saved as “FirstName_LastName_Email Address”.
    • Resumes not labeled in this manner will be deleted automatically.
  • Verify the accuracy of the email address and phone number on your resume.
  • Resumes must be submitted to  nabasrsc2019@emailitin.com.
    • Only resumes can be sent to the emailitin address. Any inquiries sent to this email address will not receive a response.


Submitting your resume for review does not automatically enter your resume in the Resume Book for Corporate Partners. You must upload your final resume to your conference registration profile. Pay close attention to these deadlines, as there will be NO extensions.

  • Resume review deadline: Tuesday, September 3, 2019 – Last day to submit your resume for review.
    • Resumes not labeled in this manner will NOT be reviewed.
  • Resume submission deadline: Friday, September 6, 2019 Last day to upload your final resume for inclusion in the Resume Book.

All inquiries should be sent to Resumes@NABASouthern.org.



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