Signature Events

  • Opening Reception: The NABA National Convention Opening Reception is the spark that lights the fire of excitement for the week to come. This highly anticipated event is where old friends reconnect, new acquaintances are made, and new relationships form.
  • Celebration of Scholars: The Celebration of Scholars Luncheon showcases the heart and soul of NABA — its student members. During the luncheon, NABA scholarship recipients are awarded and celebrated by both professional and student members. An inspirational keynote speech helps set the tone for the event, pushing these talented students to achieve their academic and career goals.
  • The Awards Experience and Soiree: The NABA National Convention Awards Experience is the culmination of a week of learning, networking, and inspiration. This flagship event is the exclamation point at the end of a meaningful series of workshops, CPE sessions, engagement between thought-leaders, field experts, corporate recruiters, and NABA members. During this event, NABA members from all across the country are honored for their impact on the accounting and finance field and their communities.