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Present at MSA 2024!

MSA FORWARD 2024 Call for Proposals

The MSA Education Advisory Group is seeking presentation proposals for MSA FORWARD 2024 in Baltimore, Maryland, May 15-19.
The deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, September 15, 2023.

What MSA is looking for in your session proposal:

  1. Demonstrate innovation and cutting-edge store operation techniques
  2. Stimulate discussion and audience engagement
  3. Provide examples of best practices
  4. Target emerging, mid-career, and seasoned professionals
  5. Include video, audio, or other media to engage different learning types

All course proposals will be for breakout sessions with the following requirements:

  • 45 minutes each
  • 35-40 minutes of content
  • 5-10 minutes for Q&A

When developing session topics, we encourage you to think creatively about engaging attendees and providing supportive information for growing their businesses or furthering their professional development rather than a product or sales pitch. Sessions should provide at least 3-5 actionable takeaways for attendees to implement in their store or business.

As you develop your session, please keep the MSA Knowledge Standards in mind, which form the basis for all of MSA's learning initiatives. Those Knowledge Standards are Merchandise Planning, Visitor Relations, Operations, Financial Management, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, Technology, Strategic Management, and Vendor Resources.

Note: Limited slots are available for breakout sessions, and we expect more proposals to be submitted than there are slots available. As a result, the quality of the content (including relevance to MSA members' educational needs) and completeness of each submitted proposal will be critical factors in the evaluation and selection process.


If you haven’t presented at MSA FORWARD previously, or at the discretion of the MSA Education Advisory Group, you may be asked to submit a video of your proposed presentation.

Courses not selected for this conference but meeting education goals may be moved to a webinar later in the year if the speaker agrees.

If you have any questions, please contact