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BOLD Campaign

Who in your organization is BOLD?

The BOLD Campaign: They are strong, brave, and make their voices heard. They take action and they keep us moving forward. Who are they? You tell us!

LeadingAge California is looking for BOLD individuals to feature in our upcoming campaign. We invite you to nominate someone from your organization who exhibits BOLDness. We are celebrating those BOLD individuals who lead, innovate, and work to advance the field of housing, care, and services for older adults.

Nominate someone (staff, resident, and/or volunteer) from your organization who is BOLD enough to grace the spotlight on LeadingAge California's social media and marketing collateral leading up to the 2022 Annual Conference.

Be BOLD. May 16-18, Pasadena, CA.

Join the BOLD Campaign

Submissions require completion of questionnaire and submission of a high-resolution photo.  Deadline to submit a nomination form is April 1, 2022.

Nomination Form

Please enter your (the nominator) information below.

Please enter the full name and title of the person you are nominating. (eg, Jane Smith, Administrator).

Name of organization the nominee works for.

Example: Jane is a BOLD role model to our newer staff. Jack brings BOLD leadership to our Resident Committee

Photo guidelines

  1. Find a well-lit location and a background that is free from clutter (a solid-colored wall is ideal).
  2. Use a camera or smartphone that takes high-quality photos (iPhones work well).
  3. Frame the photo horizontally and position your BOLD model front and center, from the waist up. Have more than one model? Please photograph them individually.
  4. A smile? A smirk? A flex? - Let the model express themselves by striking a few poses.
  5. Submit up to 3 high-quality JPEG images.

By submitting a photo (Product), you grant permission to LeadingAge California to use your image(s) for reproduction in the association's print, electronic, online and film/video educational materials and campaigns. You grant without limitation, the right to edit, mix or duplicate and use or re-use Product in whole or in parts as LeadingAge California may elect. I voluntarily consent to the use of “my story” (details of my background, history and aspirations, etc.) to appear next to or in conjunction with my name, image(s), and/or likeness in the association's print, electronic, online and film/video educational materials and campaigns. Use is unrestricted by geography, time or format; and without compensation or credit. LeadingAge California is a nonprofit organization and all products are used exclusively for non-commercial purposes.

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