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Exhibitor FAQs

A virtual booth is an economic, high-traffic digital experience that provides exhibitors with the ability to include their brand messaging, company logos and product demonstrations as well as network with attendees through open and private chat features, webinars and product/service matchmaking. 

No, however as a LeadingAge California member you will receive discounted member rates to participate. We strongly encourage you to become a member. 

For more information on membership please contact membership@leadingageca.org 

Yes. Details on virtual booth pricing, feature, and benefits are found here.

No, each company must obtain their own separate virtual booth.  

Your virtual booth offers the ability to network anywhere, anytime, 24-7! You can chat with attendees or other exhibitors who are online at the same time as you or you can send a message through the system.

You can reserve your virtual booth here.


Yes, but they would need to be registered as 'booth staff' and the appointment would be assigned to them by the booth's sales contact. The appointment will be a 1:1 chat regardless of how the appointment is made. 

The exhibit hall hours are from 11:30am - 1:30pm, May 3-4.

B2B Appointment Hours are from 1:30am - 3:00pm, May 3-4.

The business-to-business appointment hours are designed for you to make appointments to meet with current and potential customers. Attendees will be scheduling appointments during these times to meet with you.

Yes, you can see if an attendee is in a chat room. A green dot will indicate if an attendee is in the Unified Communications (chat) website, and a red dot will indicate if they sent you a message.

Yes. You can go into the exhibitor's booth chat and send a chat to the person who is "manning" the booth's chat room. You can also click on the "Contact" tab in the booth to pull up the full list of booth staff. Each person will have a chat balloon that will open a 1:1 personal chat with that booth staff person. You can also reach out to any individual inside the Unified Communications webpage and initiate a private chat.

No. Neither are not recorded. 

In regards to privacy measures in chat - attendees can share their information within the booth's chat room by clicking on "Scan my Badge." They will have to approve that they want to share their contact information with the exhibitor. As of now, we have address information displayed in the attendee profiles. We can turn that off so that it only displays name, title, etc., but no address information, if that is preferred.

Exhibitors will be able to showcase their company's brand simply by uploading video, images, and brochures. This will familiarize attendees with your brand and may engage them to set an appointment or chat for more information.   

Your booth will be available online from our launch day through May 2021.

LeadingAge CA will be hosting live streaming and other content on our website. We will also provide e-blasts, online games, incentives and rewards for different levels of participation. 

Yes, exhibitors will have access to a variety of data and metrics about visitors to your booth via the "Virtual Attendee Badge".  

Reports will be in real-time, so can see who visited your booth as well as their full contact information (if they have not opted out).

For sponsorship opportunities please contact Kevin Tuuaga

The Events Team is eager to assist you in securing your booth, please email us exhibits@leadingageca.org

Please contact Kevin Tuuaga for more information. 

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