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Calling all life long learners! Illinois Digital Educators Alliance is proud to announce our Summer Institute, . Join us for sessions focused on the whole student. Every student.

 is a unique opportunity to join in with educators across the state and learn together. Sessions are future focused and centered around social emotional learning, building relationships, culture and community especially in a remote setting. Each day will also showcase a student panel where we will hear their insights as learners. We are committed to providing an experience showcasing a diverse lineup of presenters and speakers including keynotes by:

Joe Sanfelippo WEDNESDAY
Joe Sanfelippo
"The Impact of 30 Second Moments"
960. That is the number of 30-second increments we get in an 8 hour day. 960 chances to change a life. 960 opportunities to share a story. 960 times to make a student, parent, or community member feel like they are part of your school. Moments have the ability to stick in our brains forever. A sight, smell, or taste brings us back to our childhood. We have a responsibility to be intentional about how we utilize these moments. The fact is simply this...you will be remembered. The only question is...how?
Ken Shelton THURSDAY
Ken Shelton
"Building Sustainable Pathways Towards A More Inclusive And Mindful Learning Culture"
Among the many factors that play a role in our experiences being seen, being heard, and being included are critical to those. School is no different as these are aligned with some of our basic needs. Yet, how often do we look at our own habits of mind and cultural norms to ensure that we are mindful of our actions/interactions and ensure we are truly being inclusive? In this interactive session, we will take a macro perspective on school culture and develop strategies for consistent examination on our habits of mind and culture norms. We will look at the norms that can lead to a lack of inclusion and how we can make mindfulness a norm instead. Participants will be taken through design and problem-based protocols that will serve as the basis for sustainable restorative practices as well as be the catalyst for developing a sustainably inclusive culture.
Teresa Lance FRIDAY
Teresa Lance
And...we are excited for our local keynote speaker to share her expertise and experience as a Superintendent in Illinois.

Setting goals, seeking out expert advice, showing empathy. These are all examples of social emotional skills that allow individuals to thrive in this ever changing world. Come learn together at .

Sessions will be held July 15-17 with keynotes to begin each day. That's nearly 15 sessions per day; recordings of sessions will be made available for the day(s) you register.

  • $50 per day
  • $125 for all three days

Illinois educators can earn PDHs commensurate with their live attendance at the event.

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