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University of St. Francis Graduate Credit Hours Available

RECT 695: Topics: Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference 2018
Date: February 26-28, 2018
Cost: $225 per credit hour (1CR - $225, 2CRs - $450, 3CRs - $675)

This course identifies and describes instructional strategies (through a variety of breakout sessions and a featured keynote presenter) that provide support and leadership to educators as they promote and teach lifelong learning. This course offers multiple venues for educators to make valuable technology connections to enhance student learning in their classrooms. Topics covered in this course will include: differentiating through technology, online learning and digital citizenship, standards-aligned lessons and projects, leadership, management and school improvement, technology infrastructure and support, and strategies, tools and resources for digital classrooms. This course will require conference attendees to take the knowledge gained in breakout sessions and presentations and apply them to their everyday work to promote learning in the classroom and/or school district.


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