2017 GaETC Conference Evaluation
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Session Title Speaker
Tuesday, November 7
09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
2182 W4: Customize Instruction By Making Your Own Mini-Apps - No Coding, No Kidding! Ellen Weber Start
2559 W5: Boot Camp - Google Certified Educator: Level 1 Cutia Blunt Start
2608 W6: How-To Hype Up your Students using HyperDocs Hollie Sisk Start
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
2050 W2: Microsoft Innovative Educators Academy Courtney Teague
Kenya Ransey
01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
2005 W1: New Google Sites: Create! Explore! Communicate! Laverne Hill Start
2175 W3: iPads, iMovie, & iHollywood: A Guide to Creating Epic Videos That People Will Want To Watch Brian Buffington Start
2612 W7: Diving into learning by breaking out: Creating Breakout activities for classroom use Keri Duncan Start
Wednesday, November 8
09:00 AM - 09:55 AM
Moments in Silence Leland Melvin Start
10:30 AM - 03:15 PM
4013 Collaborative Learning Software: How Haralson County uses ProjectPals for group presentations Maegan Rutherford
Amber Crumbley
4000 Fun With Lego WeDo 2.0 Jacob Elliott
Katie Kemp
4002 Mobile MakerSpace: Using Innovation to Engage Virtual Students in 3D Printing Technology Wendy Aracich Start
4005 STEM Club Explorers Angela Haynes
Tammy Pendarvis
4007 Shadow Puppets for the 21st Century Learner Heather Gomez Start
4004 Social Media Savviness 2.0 Ana Moreno Start
4009 Spheros Alison Francis Start
4003 Title: Personalized Learning Environment: Invention Convention Jackie Thomason Start
4010 Unity, Virtual Reality, & 7th Grade Mary Ann Rogers Lamberth Start
10:50 AM - 11:15 AM
Spectacular SMART Showcase Start
11:00 AM - 11:55 AM
Authentic Learning & Maximizing Rigor with Tech Tools Julie Fowler Start
STEM is for All! Coding is for ALL!!! Patricia Brown Start
6800 SeaPerch Underwater Robotics in the Elementary Classroom Anne Hodgskiss
Shay Buchanan
Top 10 Chrome Extensions Chris Craft Start
6503 Using Inking to Enhance your Instructional Practices Derek Fort
Michael Rotjan
2172 "Suite" Coaching Tools and Tips using Microsoft Office 365 Suite Tools Jasmyne Burns Start
2427 Backyard Birds: Build and they will come! Collaboratively taught PBL/STEM Research Unit Jane Cantrell
Barbara Schager
2393 Choose Your Own Reality! A Comparison of Tools, Apps & Uses to Integrate VR Today! Ann Marie Carrier
Monica O'Connell
2544 Conquer the Realm: Utilization of Technology & Gamification of Reading Lisa Wilbanks
Lindsey Lush
2764 DIY Digital Breakout for Teachers and Students Jennifer Kaiser Start
2480 Engaging Students in Minecraft Focused STEM Activities Amy Crandall Start
2687 Escape the Room: Using STEM to escape the classroom Gretchen Gault
Angie Kretshmar
6001 EverFi: Engaging Digital Resources Free to Your Classroom Laura Adriansen Start
2248 Gobs of Goodies from Google Wanda Terral Start
2407 I Have VR Goggles! Now What? Building Lessons Using VR susie throop Start
2753 Iteration and Innovation in Education Jaime Casap Start
2072 Learning Tools and the Project Based SPED Classroom - Alternative Assessments for Learning Lauren Pittman Start
2165 Maintaining a MakerSPaCE. Laura Wood Start
2515 Making Formatives Work for You christine terrell Start
2119 Mixing, Blending, and Learning with Office Mix, SeeSaw & itsLearning Michael Xydias Start
2561 Not all Infographics have to be STATIC! - Advanced Infographics for Instruction & Assessment Jamie Gore
Kathryn Kilkenny
2476 TILT (Technology Innovation Learning Time): Reimagining Computer Class Emily Heflin Start
2490 TestPad: Assessment Resource in SLDS Tammy Silvers Start
2323 The First Rule of FITE Club : EdTech Professional Learning Ryan White Start
2075 What if We Ran Our Schools Like Google? David Lockhart Start
2366 You Had Me At PBL Amanda Zito
Laura Bone
2636 You have an Instructional Technology Coach?! Great! Now, what? How to leverage Ed. Tech. Support Marcus Borders
Alexandria Elikwu
11:00 AM - 01:00 PM
2677 Have Your Student's Connect the Standards Using Voice and Choice Lisa Flicker Start
2425 Instructional Technology Coaching Hack: Hard Work Calls for Soft Skills Kristina McBride Start
2414 Student Assessment in the Digital Age: Using Digital Tools to Assess Student Knowledge Daniel Hoeh Start
2158 Tech Coaches and the Teacher: Coaching Strategies to Drive Personalized Learning Michelle Hague Start
2585 Using Drones for Good: A New Way to Engage Your Middle School Students in STEM Andrew Nichols Start
11:30 AM - 11:55 AM
Microsoft: #Hackingstem Start
12:10 PM - 12:35 PM
Digital Citizenship, Data and Privacy Start
12:15 PM - 01:10 PM
360 in EDU Chris Craft Start
6801 Alternative Energy Cross-Curricular Unit Pamela Sanford Start
Classrooms without Walls- Using Social media to Connect Inside & Outside of the Classroom Patricia Brown Start
6500 Level Up! Creating Personalized Professional Learning for Your School or District with Digital Badges and Google Tools Caroline Bucky-Beaver Start
6902 Tech Savvy, Really? Implications of Millennials and Gen Z on Technology in Education and Career Lyn Riggsby-Gonzalez Start
Tools You Can Use Tomorrow Leslie Fisher Start
6011 10 Class Hacks using Microsoft Office to help teachers save time and students to achieve more. Gail Lambert Start
2752 Are we ready to be “Future Ready”? Carl Hooker Start
2430 Awesome App Smashing for Students to Create More Excitingand Innovative Research Presentations Heidi Goodin Start
2162 Classroom reForm - Google Sheets and Forms Ashley Maher Start
2378 Coaching Strategies: How to Get Your Foot in the Door Karleen Vaughn Start
6015 Digital Differentiation for Elementary Readers Lori Smith Start
2511 Do This, Not That: Giving Stations a Boost with Personalized Learning Paige Alexander
Caroline Rawls
2196 Dynamic Morning Broadcasting in the Elementary School World Jill Weldon Start
2000 Instructional Technology Certification in Georgia! Traci Redish Start
2194 Let It Flow: Creating and Using Flow Charts to Personalize Student Learning Kristen Deuschle Start
2181 Maker Camp: KSU iTeach Style Nisa Peek Start
2190 Personalized Learning: It's Not Just for Students Kelsey Dierdorff Start
2579 Seesaw Lovers - Take it to the Next SAMR Level! Karen Wright
Jamie Gore
2391 Seesaw for ALL: an online portfolio Mary Harris Start
2409 Synthesize It! Student Creation with Web Tools Laura Girard
Wendy McDonald
2533 Tech Centers in the Media Center: Using the Media Center’s Resources to Review Core Area Content Karen Garner
Christopher Stewart
2259 Technical Tips for Districts in Preparing for Online Administrations of Georgia Milestones Missy Shealy Start
2374 The Transformation of an Elementary School Library Leeann Denham Start
2763 The Untapped Power of Google Drawings Mary Ellen West Start
2133 Using CoSpaces or Story Spheres and 360° pictures to Create Your Own Virtual Reality Anne Craven
Kelli Sinclair
2183 Using Google Tools to Enhance Personalized and Blended Learning in the Elementary Classroom Mandy Reeves
Anissa Andrews
2438 ePortfolios in K-8? Our Path to Student Curated ePortfolios. Struggles, Questions and Considerations Tony Perez Start
2745 iOS Magic: iPad and iPhone Tricks Revealed Tony Vincent Start
12:50 PM - 01:15 PM
How VR Can Modernize Your District Initiatives Start
01:30 PM - 01:55 PM
Chromebooks Can Do That? Start
01:30 PM - 02:25 PM
6515 Abracadata! Using Google Sheets to Conquer Your Data (BYOD) Joel Frey Start
6504 Authentic Assessment with Digital Tools Kati Searcy Start
6909 Early Discovery of Reading Difficulties by Eye Tracking and Artificial Intelligence Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr Start
8000 Minecraft in Education Carlos Fernandez Start
6802 SMArTE Space Madeline Hall Start
6029 The Myths and Realities of Wi-Fi Michael McKerley Start
The Web You Might Not Know About Leslie Fisher Start
6804 What’s New in SLDS? Hubert Bennett Start
2606 Awesome Apps and Assessment: Free IOS Applications that Promote Assessment Jabari Cain Start
2746 Becoming a Connected Educator Carl Hooker Start
2314 Board Games, 3D Models, & More Philip Peavy Start
2758 Digital Citizenship: The Foundation to Building Tech-Rich Classrooms Steve Garton Start
2679 Encryption: A Beginner's Guide David Millians Start
2232 Every Coach needs a Coach Chioma Anuebunwa
Trent Stapleton
2256 Field Trips of the Future: Cross-Curricular Place-Based Learning with Virtual Reality Jennifer Gibson
Emily Lott
2333 GIS for STEM engagement Kelly Cassidy Start
2507 Genrefy Your Library: aligning your library collection to the student selection process Amanda White Start
2134 Going Beyond YouTube and Vine - Digital Storytelling for Digital Natives Darien Carruth Start
2197 Going Beyond the Hour of Code: Coding with Scratch Randi Terry Start
2340 Going Digital in the Elementary School Classroom Mercedes Durden Start
6006 How to engage your reluctant learners: the power of using Desmos in a mathematics classroom Julia-Leigh Pelt Start
2218 Moving the Needle: Managing Change for Personalized Learning Mindy Ramon Start
2108 No Paper? No Pencil? No Problem! Melissa Brown Start
2543 Research Instruction to Reach Special Populations Wendy Cope Start
2610 Smart Tools in Your Midst: Creating Virtual Museums with Student Devices Clori Rose-Geiger Start
2404 Spiral: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle Chris Croom
Maggie Phillips
2063 Sway to Promote Personalized Learning Cathleen Oravetz Start
2504 Teamwork is the Key to Make STEM Learning Come Alive! Vickie Sexton Start
2102 The Best Setup….Googlifying Your Apple Device David Lockhart Start
2630 The Ripple Effect - Coaching at the School, District, and National Level Jessica Jackson Start
2743 The Wonderful World of Web Widgets Tony Vincent Start
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
2432 Blended Learning in the Elementary Classroom: Using Technology to Create Meaningful Content Tama Trotti Start
2669 Grassroots Tech Integration: Getting Started with Student Mentors Tanis Ockwell Start
2370 Kindness2.0: Using Technology to Connect Social Emotional Learning, Self Development & Communit Kris McBride Start
2088 Tapping into your Local Professional Learning Network Julie Davis Start
2211 You want me to integrate? A practical integration of Digital Citizenship and ELA Ali Clement
Emily Heflin
02:10 PM - 02:35 PM
Microsoft: Bridging the gap to Accessibility Start
02:50 PM - 03:15 PM
Be SMART. Harness the Power of Project Based Learning! Start
03:15 PM - 04:10 PM
6904 Chromebooks On Your School Network: How To Optimize And Manage The Chromebook Wi-Fi Experience Katie Simpson
Paul Brady
Jim O'Neill
6900 E-rate 2018: What you need to know! Charlie Jackson
Candice Hall
Google Drive, Apps, Docs, Tips and Tricks Leslie Fisher Start
The Data Renovation Project Chris Craft Start
2278 Beginning Makerspace at the Elementary and Middle School Levels: How to Get Started and Keep Going! Beverly Brostek
Kasey Smith
Nettie Alexander
2481 Create Your Own School App #withoutcode Chad DeWolf Start
2080 Duck, Duck...Goose Chase! Catch All 4Cs with Online Scavenger Hunts Cynthia Cox
Tashika Gresham
Shatavia Elder
2229 Engaging Students With Digital Primary Documents Related to Science and Social Studies. Kati Searcy Start
2020 Fake? Or Alternative Facts? Teaching students to distinguish the validity o Robbie Barber Start
2428 From Woodstock, GA to Wellington, NZ: Connecting Students Globally to engage them in problem solving Merry Willis Start
2742 Instagram for Teachers Tony Vincent Start
2439 Learning Goes Viral: Changing from Teacher to Tech Coach Suzanne Petersen
Nancy Moeller
2686 Let's get Personal! Digital Tools for the Struggling Student Dr. Laschunn Gonsalves Start
6012 Minecraft:Education Edition is a collaborative, versatile learning platform for all. Gail Lambert Start
2424 New data tools in SLDS for Gifted & EL students Hubert Bennett Start
2244 Personalize Learning Using Small Data for Big Impact Brittany Griffin Start
2747 Raised by Siri: A Digital Parenting Course Carl Hooker Start
2754 Rock Your Assessments Steve Garton Start
2195 Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork: Coaching with the Partnership Philosophy Heather Cox
Stephanee Stephens
2454 Tech Fun in the Primary Classroom: Integrating Connected Toys into the Curriculum Jody Deaton Start
2551 Technology to Encourage Literacy in STEM Subjects: When classroom & technology get SLiCC LuTongel Few Start
2166 The Easy Peasy New Google Sites Nathan Medley Start
2405 The Key to Integrating Technology in an Engaging and Personalized Way in World Languages Rocio Morrison
Laura Alvarez
Steven Saffels
2168 Traditional Meets Technology - Read-a-louds with a STEAM focus Kaitlin Ward Start
2508 Using Technology to Enhance Station Activities in the Secondary Math Classroom Andrea Allen
Tiffany McLymore
2267 What's Under the Hood at the Microsoft Garage Sandi Adams Start
04:30 PM - 05:25 PM
Becoming A Certified Education Technology Leader Keith Krueger
Amy Denman
Craig Liggett
6100 Lights! Camera! Action! Strategies for Broadcasting a School News Program Tim Clark
Faith Herrick
Sara Johnson
Jennifer Borngesser
The Google You Might Not Know About Leslie Fisher Start
8100 Worry Free BYOD Terry Pealor Start
2162 Classroom reForm - Google Sheets and Forms Ashley Maher Start
2199 Coaching the Coaches: How To Make Your Best Even Better Stephanee Stephens
Heather Cox
2331 Creating the Digital Ecosystem with Learning Tools Interoperability Dorothy Evans Start
2092 DIY Digital Breakout for Teachers and Students Kathleen Lanman
Jennifer Kaiser
6021 Decoding Coding - Understanding the Coding Ecosystem and how it relates to your school Martin Plazyk Start
2034 Electronic Sources for the High School English Classroom Michelle Henson Start
2320 Escape the Ordinary: Using Digital Breakout EDU to Engage Students Jennifer Lewis
Stephanie Gauthia
Marissa Williams
2282 Fabulous, Fun, and Future Ready Libraries. Cristi Johnson Start
2587 Finding Your Tribe Through Online Resources Zena Brown Start
2757 Formative Assessment Tools to Rock Your World Steve Garton Start
2621 Getting "Techy" with History Sharnitra Mathis Start
2760 Google Classroom for Beginners Ben Palmer Start
2129 Mastering Technology Integration in the STEM Classroom Suzette Powell Start
2236 Organized Learning: Creating HyperDocs for Engaging and Meaningful Learning Brian Bates Start
2026 Personalized Learning for the Special Needs Child Kristin Siembieda
Mari Early
Jeannie Myers
2440 Project Based Learning in Your Makerspace: Ideas to Stimulate Learning and Creativity Beverly Brostek
Kasey Smith
Nettie Alexander
2512 STEAM Roll Fridays: Creating and Maintaining a Schoolwide Program for STEAM Integration Alison Kirkland
Amy Hudson
2078 Super Spark: Tools To Start the Fire David Lockhart Start
2163 Teaching Computer Science with Code.org Chris Thompson Start
2179 Transform YOUR Media Center into a Learning Commons: The 1 year plan Jennifer Cole Start
2176 Using Google Tools to Make Classrooms Accessible to All Learners Deanna Cross Start
2388 Utilizing Technology to Improve Writing Instruction Across the Curriculum Brittany McCullough
Lauren Toering
06:00 PM - 06:55 PM
2131 Google Classroom: Beyond Brenda Paul Start
Thursday, November 9
08:00 AM - 08:55 AM
6805 BYODigital Leadership: Building a Grade A Culture Katrina Keene Start
6510 Diving Into Digital Media Ana Hale Start
Gadgets Leslie Fisher Start
6905 Interactive Collaboration: Changing the Culture Melissa Jackson
Kimberly Aldridge
Leslie Coleman
Invent the Future Keith Krueger Start
6903 MobileMind will present the best professional development solutions for adopting G Suite Tyce Miller Start
6906 The Interactive Classroom John Friedricks
Terrance Johnson
What's your Reality? - Using Virtual & Augmented Reality to engage Students & Make Learning Come Alive! Patricia Brown Start
2558 AV Technology for Progressive Learning Spaces Tony Mosby Start
2633 Coach to be Coached: Transforming Classroom Teachers into Superior Ed. Tech. Leaders Marcus Borders
Jackie Souffrant
N'jemele Bush
Leslie Jackson
Justin Simmons
2520 Connecting Students with Developmental Disabilities to the Standards with Instructional Technology Juanita Pritchard Start
2246 Explore and create your own Breakout EDU with integration of Google Tools Jennifer Emmert
Jennifer Lundstrum
Sandy Lippe
2389 Focus on Excellence & Equity: Atlanta Public Schools’ Tab2Read 1st Grade Literacy Initiative Aleigha Henderson Rosser Start
2539 Georgia Library Media Specialist of the Year Holly Frilot Start
2685 I got Tech Tools in my Bag, SWAG! Evette Davis Start
2463 Increasing Student Engagement: Fusing Technology and Literacy with Tome Student Literacy Jennifer Parker
Ashley Walden
Annette Cochran
Rebecca Hamby
2357 Inventions, Competitions, and the Maker Movement in the Classroom Kathleen Lanman Start
2360 Media Center Magic: Setting the Stage for Creativity and Innovation Aimee Vickers
Lisa Wilbanks
2249 No Money, No Problem: Virtual Reality Field Trips Jennifer Ezell
Dina Padgett
6008 One Minute Reader (iPad App) - Improving Reading Achievement at Home and School Barbara Denbow Start
2680 Personalize Elementary Learning with Digital BreakoutEDU and Genius Hour! Missy Rivner Start
2178 SeaPerch Underwater Robotics in the Elementary Classroom Anne Hodgskiss
Shay Buchanan
2083 Step Up Your Game: Transferring Ownership to Educators through Personalizing Professional Development Jason Naile
Tracey Abercrombie
Jimmy Pagel
Ruth Allen
Cheryl Riddle
2124 Swaying the 4 Cs: Using Sway for Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity Robin Wofford Start
2068 Technology Tools for Progress Monitoring in RTI and Special Education Jody Key Start
2373 The “Destiny” of a Fully Genre-fied Elementary School Library: Greatness Leeann Denham Start
2167 What is the Impact of Review Games on Student Achievement? How do games affect student success? David Peake Start
09:00 AM - 03:15 PM
4017 Circuits, Coding, and so much more. Ashley Walden
Annette Cochran
4006 Cyborg Mask Project: Student will present their mask creation electronic component, and language. Mariama Boone Start
4014 MakeYOURSpace Emily Dunlap
Julie Kelley
4018 Middle Schooler’s Reflect: Our STEM Journey Monica Dyess Start
4008 STEM in 3D Alecia Mendoza Start
4015 STEMulating Stuff Shannon Hustick
James Maye
4016 Student Astronaut Challenge: Shuttle Simulation Carolyn Rethwisch
Barbara Serianni
4012 WPSE News Presents: Pine Street Elementary's 60th Anniversary, School-Wide History Project Terri Anschutz Start
09:45 AM - 10:10 AM
Meet Microsoft Teams (A) Start
09:45 AM - 10:40 AM
6806 Chromebook Deployments – What to Know and Consider Charlie Williams Start
EdTech Tools Get Creative With Formative Assessments Patricia Brown Start
Moving from Privacy to Trust Keith Krueger Start
6908 VSU Connecting the Pieces: VR, Padlet, Flipgrid from Media Center to Classroom Lorraine Schmertzing
Dianne Dees
Steve Downey
8001 Virtual Reality in the Classroom Lucas Hulne Start
2203 1 to 1 Initiative and the Impact on the Evolving Media Center Paula Dangar Start
6019 10 Simple Steps to Start Your Morning Announcement Broadcasts Faraz Ahmed Start
2477 1:1 Tools for Efficient Rollout and Implementation Casey Thomas Start
2412 3-D Printing- Our Journey to a School Wide 3-D Design Program Stephanie Wallace
Melissa Neely
2155 40 + Edtech Tools That WIll Make You 'The Cat's Pajamas' Of Your School Randy Norman Start
2121 Advanced OneNote Tips & Tricks Michael Xydias Start
2423 Building a Collaborative Culture with G Suite for Education Tracy Lane Start
2393 Choose Your Own Reality! A Comparison of Tools, Apps & Uses to Integrate VR Today! Ann Marie Carrier
Monica O'Connell
2466 Connecting STEM & Literacy: Building Bridges with Media Donald White Start
2655 Empowering Students through Technology: Fostering Student Agency in the K-5 Classroom Carrie Edwards
Tasia Ellis
2756 Five Steps to Flip Your Math Classroom Steve Garton Start
2399 Full STEAM Ahead with Learning Stations: Student-centered, Technology Enhanced, Authentic Mastery Melissa Huneycutt
Erica Dawson
2465 GEG Georgia GEGGACast Live! Lee Green Start
2193 Game On!: Breakout EDU in the Classroom Sally Cavanaugh Start
2541 Georgia Exemplary Library Media Programs Holly Frilot Start
2192 Got Tech...Specials? Five Online Learning Environments to Get You Started Angie Devitt Start
2376 Introduction to Design Thinking Through Digital Citizenship Leeann Denham Start
2460 Leading Change: Pushing Past the Comfort Zone Nancy Blair Start
2387 Professional Development Personalized: Using Google Classroom to Personalize Teacher Learning Tracy Blackburn
Fredric Latschar
Sarah Nell Griffis
2446 Redefining Learning with G Suite Clint Winter Start
2122 Tools for Making Learning Sticky Connie White Start
2383 iPads, Chromebooks, and Tablets: Managing Mobile Devices Tim Suda
Chris Fuller
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
2189 Coding-The way to the Future Leslie Studdard Start
2459 Digging Deep: Formative Assessment Tools for the K-5 Classroom Lynn McGee
Candace Queen
2626 Liven up your classroom with Quizlet Live! Angela McDurmon Start
2656 Maker Mornings in the Media Center: The Dream & The Reality Cara Harpin Start
2514 What the Tweet? Andrea Rioux Start
10:25 AM - 10:50 AM
Meet Microsoft Teams (B) Start
11:00 AM - 11:55 AM
Creating Virtual Reality Leslie Fisher Start
6911 Digital Storytelling in the Classroom Dan Rosseel Start
2217 Drone Racing: NEED for SPEED! (& Mechatronics) William Smith Start
Google Drive, Let's Get Geeky with It Chris Craft Start
Leadership Discussion Panel - Interoperability Carl Hooker
Keith Krueger
Aaron Turpin
Dorothy Evans
Katrina Keene
Jay Heap
6505 Showcasing Student Voice and Engaging Students in the Reflective Process Justin Mewborn Start
6516 TwitterEd - using Twitter for Education Kelly Cassidy Start
iPads More Than Just Apps Patricia Brown Start
2061 Appsmashing within Digital Learning Portfolios Carrie Lowery Start
2103 Become Future Ready! Start Coding Today! David Lockhart Start
2617 BreakoutEDU: Engaging students in learning through the game of breakouts Keri Duncan Start
2064 Climbing the SAMR Ladder: Leveraging Technology to Improve Teacher Practice Leah Kurtz
Kenya Ransey
2199 Coaching the Coaches: How To Make Your Best Even Better Stephanee Stephens
Heather Cox
2755 Discovering and Integrating Quality Tools for Learning Steve Garton Start
2670 From Library to Learning Commons in 180 Days... Missy Rivner Start
2137 GaETC Game Design Challenge! Carrie Siegmund Start
2523 Genrefying the Media Center: Making the Shift to the Bookstore Model Rhonda Grubb Start
2077 Georgia Educational Student Technology Competition Guidelines Kimberley Spivey Start
2442 Going Hyper for HyperDocs: How to create engaging lessons Leslie Fagin
Robin Harris
2472 If You Build It They Will Come: Effective Coaching Practices Aaron Avera
Alexandra Larson
2550 Learn how to create a wireless interactive classroom with TI-Nspire Navigator System. Kenneth Andrews Start
6005 Making a Scene: Students Getting Creative with BrainPOP's Make-a-Movie! Robert Miller Start
2650 Personalizing Learning: A Day in the Life of K-5 OneNote Avengers Mindy Ramon Start
2154 Robotic Bugs come alive Bobby Brian Lewis Start
2479 Shake & Make: How to shake up your media center and create a MakerSpace lab Shawna Rogers Start
2200 Syncing Users and Apps - Make Your Technology Transparent Wes Davis
Erin Rehberg
2690 To Infinity and Beyond: Virtual Reality for the Classroom Rashaa Howard
Marquise Delaney
2188 Turn the traditional test prep time into a STEM based opportunity for students to grow. Mark Henderson Start
2015 Video Game Music: The Innovation of Music Pedagogy Mark Laughlin Start
11:05 AM - 11:30 AM
Amp-up Your Students’ Learning Experiences…STEM… with SMART Start
11:45 AM - 12:10 PM
Be SMART. Increase Your Student Engagement (in 5 Mins or Less!) Start
12:15 PM - 01:10 PM
6912 Curriculum Mapping with Storyboard That Dan Rosseel Start
6807 Device Protection, Maintenance, & Repair Service: How StayMobile is Saving Schools Money and Time Chuck Morrison Start
Exploring Google Classroom Leslie Fisher Start
6502 Transforming Professional Learning Using Analytics Michael Rotjan
Derek Fort
6511 Using ClassFlow in the K-2 Classroom Lisa McGhee
Marshann Bruce
2536 Accessing and Promoting ebooks: Tips and Tricks Eden Clark Start
2264 Add Some Classroom Management Tools to Your Toolbox Rhonda Dye Start
2509 Choose Your Own Adventure Katie Townsend
Ashley McCall
2516 Collaboration Station Jennifer Saunders
Bridget Leverette
2240 Creating Stemtastic Students in the K-5 Classroom Sharon Ferguson Start
2371 Digital and original Breakout EDU Lisa Champlin Start
2587 Finding Your Tribe Through Online Resources Zena Brown Start
2537 GALILEO Highlights: Top 5 Things to Know Karen Minton Start
2045 Game-Based Assessments: From Enhancement to Transformation Carrie Lowery Start
2298 Georgia STEM Day Rebekah Kinney Start
2029 How to Achieve Technology Buy-in: Presentation and Connection Can Change the Culture in Your School Tiffany McLymore
Andrea Allen
2475 It’s All About Kicking Class: Using Classkick to Personalize Learning Alexandra Larson
Aaron Avera
Sury Von Sander
2001 Kids Can Code: Start with Code.Org Steve McNutt Start
2703 Lead the Digital Evolution with Plug and Play Tools Jill Hobson
Lisa Watkins
Jay Heap
Jason Naile
2759 Leading a 1:1 by Facilitating, not Dictating Change Jim Farmer
Kate Crawford
Dan Lane
Kristin Rabun
Tarvinder Singh
Lisa Dobbs
2528 Leading in the 21st Century Schoolhouse Susan Zinkil
Leah Bleisath
Beth Watkins
2748 Learning Spaces…the Final Frontier Carl Hooker Start
6018 MobileMind will present the best professional development solutions for adopting G Suite Tyce Miller Start
2586 My Top 3 Tools for Formative Assessments in the K-5 Math Classroom Lisa Brown Start
2572 Privacy and Assurance in Education Moses Anderson Start
2678 Seesaw - Student Driven Digital Portfolios Jennifer Shaffer Start
2195 Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork: Coaching with the Partnership Philosophy Heather Cox
Stephanee Stephens
2601 Virtual Reality with Google Expeditions Jim Wright
Helen Maddox
12:25 PM - 12:50 PM
Bringing PD Into the 21st Century Start
01:05 PM - 01:30 PM
Digital Citizenship & Digital Skills for Students Start
01:30 PM - 02:25 PM
6808 High Stakes State Testing: Preparing and Monitoring Your Network to Ensure Success Katie Simpson
Paul Brady
Jim O'Neill
8101 Interactive Collaboration: Changing the Culture (Sponsored by Progressive) Kimberly Aldridge
Leslie Coleman
Melissa Jackson
Q&A Gameshow - Stump the Chump Chris Craft Start
2461 What's New with Discovery Education? Ellen Adams
Kenya Ransey
2398 1:1 in a Rural Georgia High School Marcus Palazzolo Start
2040 20% Time Projects: 20% Time for 100% Learning Traci McCracken Start
2198 Action Apps: Creating Interactive Activities with Instructional Technology Applications Mary Ann Little Start
2286 Beyond BrainPop Basics: How to Get Teachers and Students Excited to use BrainPop MORE Amanda Lee Start
2054 Building Intentional Relationships for Transformation: There's Not an App for That Courtney Teague Start
2382 Character Education is STEAMing Angela Harris Start
2326 Connecting Digital Pen Pals With Google Hangouts Jenny Owens Start
2429 Connecting Professors of Instructional Technology Courses for Pre-Service Educators Merry Willis Start
2395 Digital BreakoutEdu with OneNote Candace Queen
Lynn McGee
2273 Drab to Fab: Make Your Google Forms and Slides Stand Out! Mary Ellen West Start
2030 Facing Up to Fake News: Empowering Students with GALILEO Resources Russell Palmer Start
2739 Get Creative with Google Slides Tony Vincent Start
2530 Hack the Media Center: Practical Tips and Tricks for School Librarian Effectiveness Emily Hodge
Holly Moseley
2445 Implementing Technology Training for Teachers: How the Media Specialist Can Help Chloe Wilson Start
2302 Keyboarding Without Tears: Unlock Your Students' Potential Susan Little Start
2044 Mail Merges- Create more in less time Jim Betz Start
2569 Mr. Giddens' Cabinet of Compelling Cognitive Curiosities Jeff Giddens Start
2673 Personalize Everything with OneNote! How to personalize the ultimate "blank slate." Justin Evans Start
2557 Technology for the Administrator (or teacher) tricks and tips to improve the day. Gregory Bagby Start
6022 The Art of Screencasting: “Teacher-On-Demand” is now possible! Rob Zdrojewski Start
2319 The Many Hats of a Technology Coach: A Hierarchy of Coaching Needs Tanis Ockwell Start
2263 Using Common Sense Media to Help Parents Understand Digital Citizenship Neil Burnfin Start
2271 Using Seesaw in the K-5 Classroom: A Tool for Personalizing Brandy Brown
Ashley Brunson
01:45 PM - 02:10 PM
Google for Education Presents: Hot Off The Press: Updates and Insights from Google Start
01:45 PM - 03:45 PM
6509 Tech Badges Michelle Hague Start
2672 77,000 Devices and Counting: How the 10th Largest District in the Nation Goes Digital Ann Mansier Start
2441 Connect the Pieces by Utilizing Digital Workflows Powered by Office 365 Frances LeAnna Anantaraman Start
2345 ELA in OneNote Ann Gambill
Cathy Moore
Tamela Richardson
2370 Kindness2.0: Using Technology to Connect Social Emotional Learning, Self Development & Communit Kris McBride Start
2600 Now Showing: Spotlighting Student Work Heather Temske
Jennifer Rawls
2002 Technology to Help Students with Specific Learning Needs Lisa Prodigo-Nimorwicz Start
02:25 PM - 02:50 PM
Google for Education Presents: Professional Development with Google Start
03:05 PM - 03:30 PM
How To Drive Engagement In The Classroom Start
03:15 PM - 04:10 PM
6809 Defense Wins! Simple, pro-active steps you should consider to improve network and application security Michael McKerley Start
6501 Get Ready for Next Level Uses of Google Slides and Google Drawings Caroline Bucky-Beaver
Ashley Bailey
Online resources to explore and create music no matter your knowledge level! Leslie Fisher Start
6907 Reading for Meaning with Read Naturally Live Barbara Denbow Start
Screencasting - Moving Beyond the Basics Chris Craft Start
2032 A New Spin on the Writer’s Workshop- Blend It! Joanna Van Raden Start
2117 Achieve 21st Century Learning with Skype in the Classroom Lisa Lougheed Start
2513 Branding in Education: Crafting a Digital Classroom Identity Kathryn Kilkenny
Jamie Gore
6023 Build a bridge between IT, Leadership, & Security: Understanding needs, roles, & challenges Jim Crumbley Start
2364 Co-Planning Learning: How Student Questions and Ownership can Drive a Unit of Study Allison Kerley Start
2067 Creating a Microsoft Class Notebook Cathleen Oravetz Start
2043 Cutting Up in the Makerspace with Silhouette Cameo Anna Colley Start
2741 Draw Your Own Illustrations, Clipart & Avatars Tony Vincent Start
2174 Dust Off Your Creativity Ashley Collier Start
2437 Escape the Boring: Using Digital Breakouts in the Classroom Brandi Womack Start
2096 From Library to Learning Commons: A Media Center Transformation Becky Nipper Start
2343 Ignite the Coach Within Ana Moreno Start
2385 Implementing Technology in the Classroom: Bringing Technology & Curriculum Together Tim Suda
Chris Fuller
Tyce Miller
2749 Konnecting Pieces with Keynote Carl Hooker Start
2227 Murphy's Law: Preparing & Implementing District-Wide PD to support a 1:1 Initiative Debra Robinson Start
2113 Near, Far, Wherever You Are! Using Nearpod in the Classroom Casey Hall Start
2392 Professional Development in a 1:1 Environment: Redefine PD to Support Your Teachers Lesley Chance Start
2037 Promoting Parent Competence as Part of Coaching Strategies Alice Stanley Start
2420 Rethinking Assessment: Digital Tools to Engage, Assess and Differentiate Becky Shiring Start
2591 Seven Secrets of Success: Tips & Tricks to Empower Ed Tech Leaders Anna Bilyeu
Summaya Knight
Tierra Reed
2321 TPACK and Problem Based Learning Mark Warner Start
2079 The Wallet Killer Gadget Extravaganza David Lockhart Start
6027 Virtual Field Trips, On-Demand Content, and Digital Resources for the K-12 Social Studies Classroom Sophia Sineath
Jonathan Merrill
04:30 PM - 05:25 PM
Adobe Gone Mobile Leslie Fisher Start
6508 MakerSpace in the Elementary Media Center Hannah Hawlk
Vickie Sexton
6803 Move, Play, Learn, Grow! Emily Chatlen Start
6513 Personalizing Learning Using OneNote Makeisha Hinds Start
STEM Across the Curriculum - Connecting the Pieces of STEM Chris Craft Start
6507 The Write Idea: Leveraging Technology Resources to Make Writing Real in the K-5 Classroom Kim Lochbaum
Jessica Stanford
6506 Using Google Calendar to Schedule Resources Mac Barron Start
2563 Catoosa Online Academy. How we began and where we are now. Growing a successful virtual school. Becky Gaston Start
2615 Coding in the Elementary Classroom: From Kibos to Beebots to Dash and Dot Keri Duncan Start
2289 Computers, iPads, and Robots, Oh My!- Technology in the Media Center Jennifer Brown Start
2483 Connecting Math Teachers through MTBoS – Exploring the Math Twitter Blogosphere Emily Freeman Start
2762 Formative Assessment and Differentiation with Google Forms Mary Ellen West Start
2554 Henry County Schools' Learner Profiles Increase Student Agency in Personalized Learning Classrooms Aaryn Schmuhl Start
2018 How Does Your District...? Gregg Miles
Justin Keith
2620 Limited Devices, Not Limited Learning: Maximizing Technology with Digital Learning Stations Susan Brandon Start
2187 Makerspace in the Media Center-Making it work for your school, ideas for funding, organization, and Jennifer Cole Start
2177 Marketing Your Media Center - How to Get Your School Excited! Tammy Privette Start
6024 Maximize the ROI of Your 1:1 Brett Baldwin Start
2115 OneNote: The One Tool for Teachers and Students Lisa Lougheed Start
6017 Online Curriculum for Early Learners on the Path to Biliteracy Natalya Seals Start
2406 Putting It All Together: Infographic Assessments Maggie Phillips
Chris Croom
2272 Supporting the Use of GOFAR: Georgia’s Online Formative Assessment Resource Joseph Blessing Start
2104 The 5 Steps to Blend that Classroom Up David Lockhart Start
2053 The Art of Ed-Tech Grant Writing Denise Hazlett
Courtney Teague
Sandra Logan
2464 The Learning Object Repository (LOR) inside the SLDS Platform Jesse Peavy Start
6013 Using Video to Improve Instruction and Personalize Learning Gail Lambert Start
2024 Using the Tech Coaching Cycle Chanel Johnson Start
Friday, November 10
08:30 AM - 09:25 AM
6514 Digital Breakouts Kelly Cassidy Start
iOS 11/ iOS Tips and Tricks Leslie Fisher Start
2322 A Google Marriage : Google Forms & Sheets Ryan White Start
2202 Building a Makerspace from Scratch Barri Gertz Start
2390 CRAP Session: Chromebook Rollout Appropriate Protocols Philip Hardin Start
2191 Coaching IT Matters Michael Urbanik
Anne Craven
Tim Keag
2021 Communication Skills: Teacher-to-Teacher Robbie Barber Start
2744 Do It Yourself Study Aids & Games Tony Vincent Start
2549 Exploring Learning: Using Virtual Labs to support scientific argumentation. Reshawndra Hutchins-Trapp Start
2125 Formative Assessment SMARTer, Not Harder Janelle Couch Start
2359 Gamifying Your MakerSpace: Become a Master Ninja Maker Martha Bongiorno Start
2751 Interactive Learning Challenges: Winning the APPMazing Race Carl Hooker Start
2761 Makerspace in the 21st Century Classroom Kim McDonald Start
2455 Measuring the Impact of Personalized Learning Work: Are we moving the needle? Aaryn Schmuhl
Karen Perry
2419 Opening the Gates to Personalized Learning with Nearpod Yvonne Holt Start
2210 Tech tools for Assessment Kristen Butera Start
2609 Using Seesaw to Showcase Student Learning & Creativity Hannah Rome Start
2518 Web 2.0 Tool Assessment Options in 1:1 and BYOT School jonathan olivarez Start
09:45 AM - 10:40 AM
Group Smackdown / Hug fest Leslie Fisher Start
6512 Seven Secrets of Success for Leaders Tierra Reed Start
2740 An Emoji Education Tony Vincent Start
2103 Become Future Ready! Start Coding Today! David Lockhart Start
2309 Beginners Quizizz Marie Roberson Start
2750 Brainbreaks: Using Improv to Open Up Thinking Carl Hooker Start
2378 Coaching Strategies: How to Get Your Foot in the Door Karleen Vaughn Start
2676 Connecting Students and Parents for the greater good. Gregory Bagby Start
2031 From Library to Learning Commons: A Physical & Mental Shift Melissa Zonin Start
2257 Hype Up Learning with HyperDocs! Beth Chappelear
Heather Stoker
2014 Lead by Example: Using GSuite & Twitter to Reach, Engage, & Lead the Way in Your Community Ge-Anne Bolhuis Start
2127 Make Homework More Fun with Technology Janelle Couch Start
2552 Managing Your Classroom With So Much Technology Temaria Gray Start
2228 Personalizing on a Tight Budget Trude Hinson Start
2532 Power Assessment with GoFormative Real-Time Data Pebble Johnson Start
2062 SMArTE Space & the Engineering Design Process Madeline Hall Start
2603 Seesaw: Engage Students and Parents with Digital Portfolios Libby Miller Start
2484 Using Apple's Classroom App to Manage the K-2 Learning Environment Brittany Ware Start
2695 We are new kids on the block with STEAM and this is how we got creative with programming. Jeff Eller Start
2575 What the Flip?: A tutorial on how to flip or condense your class to maximize learning Alexandria Olivarez Start
11:00 AM - 11:55 AM
6901 A VR Experience and Martin's Big Words Helen Maddox
Debra Coffey
6510 Diving Into Digital Media Ana Hale Start
Leftovers With Leslie Leslie Fisher Start
6513 Personalizing Learning Using OneNote Makeisha Hinds Start
Top 10 Chrome Extensions Chris Craft Start
6910 Working Smarter not Harder! Using Technology to Empower the Work of PLCs Nathan Buhl Start
2172 "Suite" Coaching Tools and Tips using Microsoft Office 365 Suite Tools Jasmyne Burns Start
2121 Advanced OneNote Tips & Tricks Michael Xydias Start
2547 Creating Cool Content with Clips and Keynote Kristen Brooks Start
2667 Grassroots Tech Integration Carolyn Hutcheson Start
2530 Hack the Media Center: Practical Tips and Tricks for School Librarian Effectiveness Emily Hodge
Holly Moseley
2023 Host Your Own Twitter Chat Chanel Johnson Start
2060 Inquiry Learning through Virtual Field Trips Kimberly Sheppard Start
2296 Media Center Makerspaces: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation collaborative session Tiffany Wheeler Start
6002 PBL Done Right: Implementation just got easier! Casey Thomas Start
2091 Putting the Pieces Together--Student Technology Competition (GaETSC) Kimberley Spivey
Nancy Ranasinghe
2616 Support 1-1 devices & personalized learning – rejuvenating your media center program! Beth Miller Start
2524 Tools for Student Data Collection Amy Delaney Start
2313 Understanding Interoperability tools to support learning Keith Osburn Start
2443 Using Google Forms Quiz as an Assessment Tool for Beginners Renee Comerford
Cynthia Coker
2087 Who Teaches the Teacher? Angela Burgess Start