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To begin, follow the drop down tab to Proposal Submission. Be sure to review the guide for full information. Also, be sure to use the same email address throughout the conference process.

The California Council for the Social Studies is excited to open our call for proposals for the 63rd annual conference. We are excited to host hundreds of presenters who will share their innovative ideas and instructional strategies that align with this year's theme: Our Voices, Our Stories: Developing Community and Belonging Across the Social Studies.

We are looking for dynamic and engaging sessions that will challenge our attendees to think deeply about their practice and the content shared with students. We are seeking proposals that amplify the voices of historically marginalized communities. Additionally, we hope sessions increase students’ engagement in civic activism re-imagining a world that is just and equitable. We want you to ask questions about whose histories are included and find ways to include the voices of those that have been silenced. Students all at all grade levels (TK-12) need more opportunities to examine and tell their own stories while also learning about their peers. Successful proposals will highlight the intersection of identities and the interdisciplinary nature of the social studies. The 2024 CCSS conference will support social studies educators to work alongside students in building inclusive democratic spaces and narrating tomorrow’s history.