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Updated: March 9, 2022

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Q: I missed the previously live webinars about this event. Can I watch the recordings somewhere?

A: Absolutely! All webinar recordings can be found at asta.org/videoresources.

Q: What are the COVID-19 policies for this event?

A: For a list of what testing, vaccinations, and booster requirements will be to attend events during the Expo, click here. We will be checking for each of these during our onsite check-in process and will issue badge identifiers. Each badge will be checked by an ASTA staff member upon entering activities. 

Q: Will there be COVID testing available for departures from Hungary?

A: COVID-19 Testing will be made available at the Marriott and Kempinski on March 19th & 20th. Please note: If spots fill up quickly, ASTA will add more time slots for testing in the Attendee Service Center. Please DO NOT Pre-Register for testing with ASTA if you have made other arrangements. No-shows will be charged $30.

  • Attendees Who Require Pre-Departure Testing to Return to the U.S.
    March 19th 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM & March 20th 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time.
    • Attendees should sign up for their preferred testing location and time slot in the Attendee Service Center by March 15. Tests are Rapid Antigen and will cost $30 per test. Attendees will pay directly to the testing company onsite with a credit card. Results will be provided in English.
      • Marriott - Studio 1 Foyer
      • Kempinski - Room Six
  • Emerald Post-FAM Participants
    • Emerald does not require testing to board the Emerald Sun post-cruise. 
  • Avalon Post-FAM Participants
    • Avalon does not require testing to board the Avalon Envision post-cruise. 
  • AmaMagna & AmaVerde Post-FAM Participants
    March 19th 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
    • Attendees should visit Cesario, Cruise Manager on the AmaMagna, who will be manning the AmaWaterways Table near the ASTA Registration Desk at the Marriott on the morning of the 17th and 18th. He will share all details regarding testing and the room name. AmaMagna and AmaVerde FAM participants will also receive an email with these details. Tests for AmaMagna participants will cost 20 Euro. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Additional Testing Information
    • Attendees extending their stay in Budapest and requiring testing after the dates mentioned above should arrange to test on their own. The concierge desks at both the Marriott and Kempinski can assist you in scheduling pre-departure testing. There is also a 24-hour walk-in Testing Center at the Budapest Airport. Learn more here.

Q: What are the entry & exit requirements for Hungary?

A: Visit the U.S. Embassy in Hungary's website for the most up-to-date information on entry and exit requirements. 

Q: Do I need to have travel insurance to attend the Expo or participate in a post-cruise?

A:  Travel Insurance is not required to attend but it is strongly recommended. Should any River Cruise Expo attendee test positive for COVID during the course of the event and require quarantine or medical care during travel, the costs for such could be prohibitive and will be the sole responsibility of the attendee. A travel insurance policy may cover these and other unexpected costs incurred before or during your trip. Consult with your travel insurance provider to discuss coverage options to ensure that you are adequately protected.

Q: Will transfers be provided from the Budapest airport to the host hotels?

A: No. Attendees are responsible for arranging their own transportation to the conference upon arrival to Budapest. 

Q: Can guests attend the ship inspections, sessions or city sightseeing tours?

A: Your Post-Cruise Cabin Guests who are not registered for the Expo cannot attend sessions, evening events, meals on ships or tours. These options are only opened to advisors and guests who are registered for the Expo.

Q: What if I Test Positive for COVID-19 at the Expo or on a post cruise?

A: Budapest Policy – Click here for full policy. We highly recommend securing travel insurance for your travel to the Expo.
If you test positive for coronavirus during your stay in Hungary, you must self-isolate at your accommodation. You can leave your self-isolation when all of the following three conditions are met:

  • you have had no fever for 3 days;
  • your respiratory symptoms have ceased; and
  • 10 days have passed from the start of your on-set of symptoms or the date of your positive PCR test, whichever was earliest

You cannot leave your accommodation and you cannot have guests during your period of self-isolation. You can order groceries, food and medicine online and have it delivered to your home. In a medical emergency, you should call 112.

Q: Where are the different activities taking place?




Q: What is ASTA Global River Cruise Expo and where will it be taking place?

A: This one-of-a-kind event is an ASTA first to bring together our River Cruise partners from all over the world in one place to showcase the latest and greatest in their fleets for ASTA members.

  • Destination: Budapest, Hungary
  • Dates: March 16-20, 2022

Q: What’s included in my registration?

A: Your registration comes with a multitude of perks listed below.

  • Special Rates at Host Hotel: As a registered attendee, you’ll have access to ASTA rates at our host hotel.
  • Discounted City Sightseeing Tours around Budapest
  • Organized Ship Inspections of many River Cruise ships at nearby piers
  • Most Meals: Breakfast included at your hotel each day, Lunch and Welcome Reception on March 16, Lunch and Dinner on the River Cruise Ships on March 17, Lunch on the River Cruise Ships on March 18, Lunch on the Sightseeing Tours and Closing Reception on March 19  
  • Travel Discounts on air from our travel partners
  • Education to help you gain exclusive destination and river cruise selling knowledge through training seminars
  • Connections to the BDMs and VPs of the partnering river cruise brands through our trade show
  • Pre/Post River Cruise opportunities available at an additional cost

Q: Will you be offering pre-educational journeys?

A: ASTA will not be hosting a pre-educational journey. However, we have partnered with local vendors for attendees to coordinate pre-journeys. You can find more information on the educational journeys page.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions?

A: Please email meetings@asta.org for any event-related questions. Or join our Official Attendee Facebook Group.

Q: Where can I learn more about ASTA events?

A: Please asta.org/events to learn more about our upcoming events.

Q: I would like more information on exhibiting at ASTA Global River Cruise Expo. Who should I contact?

A: Please email exhibit@asta.org for more information on exhibiting.

Q: How do I register a colleague or guest?

A: Our event is currently sold out! However, for future reference simply fill out the Registration Form for them and select "Non-Industry Guest" or "Travel Advisor" if they are a colleague. You can register your cabin guest when registering for your Post River Cruise FAM but they must be signed up for the Expo via the registration form first. Only Travel Advisors can book the Post Cruises and add on guests to their cabin booking.  

Registration is Closed. Taking Waitlist Only

Ship Inspections, City Sightseeing Tours & Post River Cruises


Q: How do I register for the Ship Inspections and meals onboard?

A: Registration is currently open through March 1st via the Attendee Service Center. Learn more about Ship Inspections here

Q: Are COVID vaccinations and masks required to participate in ship inspections and meals onboard ships?

A: Due to recent river cruise line policy changes, booster shots will be mandatory for ship inspections, lunches, and dinners. Vaccination verification will be conducted before boarding the ship for various activities. As you sign up for your ship inspections, we ask you to keep this in mind. For a list of what will be required in terms of test, vaccinations and boosters click here

Q: How do I register for the City Sightseeing Tours?

A: Registration is currently open through March 1st via the Attendee Service Center and are available to registered travel advisors and non-industry guests for $20. Learn more about the Sightseeing Tours here.

Q: Can guests attend the ship inspections, sessions or city sightseeing tours?

A: Your Post-Cruise Cabin Guests who are not registered for the Expo cannot attend sessions, evening events, meals on ships or tours. These options are only opened to advisors and guests who are registered for the Expo.

Q: How do I register for the Post River Cruise FAMs?

A: If interested in booking a post-cruise FAM, please contact Andrea Caulfield for availability. (acaulfield@asta.org) Learn more about our options here.

Q: Can guests attend the pre/post river cruises?

A: Guests are allowed to attend our post-cruises. 

Q: I am on a post cruise and I want to know the latest regulations for each destination on the itinerary. Where can I get the most updated information for these requirements?

A:  As you know, COVID-19 regulations change rapidly. We recommend you use Sherpa to stay on top of the latest requirements. https://apply.joinsherpa.com/travel-restrictions 

Q: Are COVID-19 vaccinations and masks required to participate in a post-event cruise?

A: Each cruise line's vaccination and mask requirements apply to ASTA Global River Expo post-cruises. Please visit the company's website for complete details.  For a list of what will be required in terms of test, vaccinations and boosters click here.

Information to Help You Pack & Plan


Q: Which airport would you recommend flying into?

A: Budapest Airport (BUD) Budapest, 1185 Hungary

Q: What is the typical weather like in Budapest in March?

A: The average high-temperature, in March, is 11.1°C (52°F), while the average low-temperature is 3.3°C (37.9°F). (Source )

Q: What is the dress code?

A: See below for more information.
  • Trade Show: Business
  • Meals on Ships/Ship Inspections: Business Casual
  • Welcome Event at Lazar Equestrian Park: Casual and Closed Toe Shoes
  • Closing Event at Balna: Business Casual or Dressy Casual
  • Sightseeing Tours: Casual and Comfortable Shoes (If doing the City of Spas Tour, bring a bathing suit)

By registering for an ASTA Event, attendees will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth by ASTA.

ASTA is committed to providing you a safe experience during our in-person events. For a list of what will be required in terms of test, vaccinations and boosters for the ASTA Global River Cruise Expo, click here. Click to view our current Health & Safety Guidelines.

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