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We have over 16 professional art teachers from the United States and Canada. 



Allen Montague is a native North Carolinian who began his creative career at age 13, when he designed and received his first patent. From a young teenager through his early twenties, Allen’s passion was music. His college years consisted of majoring in business and marketing. He continued his love for design by starting his own clothing accessory line. This interest in color and design was an easy segues into paints and canvas. He began his art career and has never looked back. Two yeas after becoming a self-taught fine art painter his work was being catalogued by the International Art Auction House of Sotheby’s in New York. Soon after, Allen began to produce not only fine art originals, but published hundreds of limited and open edition prints. To meet the demand for his work, he opened several art galleries. For the next seventeen plus years Allen painted, published, and continued to design and invent. Allen taught himself to finger paint in the style of French impressionists. Allen hosted and produced " The Southern Palette" televison show for seven years and just published his first book "Monets to Bearnaise." Over the years, Allen has shared his talents, love of people, and art where viewers could actually paint along with him, no matter what their experience level. 

Allen is a National Lifetime Artist for Ducks Unlimited and a principle fund-raiser and artist for many charity organizations including MS, Child Advocacy, American Cancer Society, American Lung Association. Allen has also taken his finger painting easel and paints into hospitals so that adults and children can participate. These events lift spirits and self-esteem, often at a critical time in many of these patients’ lives.

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Bryan Lopatic was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He now resides in Poquoson, Virginia. His interest in art began at the age of 10 by drawing pictures of childhood icons such as Evel Knievel and Bruce Lee. While a senior in High School, he earned a scholarship to the Pennsylvania Governors School for the Arts, at Bucknell University. 

Bryan has been an illustrator for the U.S Air force for over 25 years. While in the Air Force, he earned his college degree as a graphic illustrator. His talent and knowledge strengthened over the years by working with talented folks who fortified his skills. Bryan developed "training processes" in the graphic/illustration career field for the Air Force, by which he was recognized. Many of his illustrations and/or paintings have been presented to generals, VIP's, dignitaries, and the Secretary of the Air Force. Bryan's first published cover painting is on the book, "Pearl Harbor, The Air Force Story". Due to his military affiliation Bryan has traveled to Japan, Korea, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Alaska, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, and Virginia which have inspired his array of art. 

Bryan is currently working with drawing materials, but has extensive experience in different mediums. One of his favorite tools to use is the airbrush when he paints. Bryan has taught workshops for the military, commercial art suppliers, community art organizations and has taught private lessons. He has taken workshops and studied with numerous artists along with portrait artist Daniel Greene, and illustrator Sorayama from Japan. 

Bryan believes that anyone who has a "pursued interest" in art can develop his or her talent to the next level. Albert Einstein said, "Nothing happens till something moves..." So make the move and it will happen. DRAW ON!

Cathy Taylor is an award winning mixed media artist and popular workshop instructor. Her water media artwork is a celebration of the patterns, textures, and color found in the the natural environment. Cathy is known for her ability to interpret a subject in a variety of styles; this being consistent with her mercurial and creative personality. From her colorful detailed alphabetical designs including the Florida "Shell-A-Bet", to her whimsical collages and multi-dimensional abstracts, Cathy's work is represented in museums, nature centers and private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Some of Cathy's work is licensed to Window of the Eye Creations for use on clothing, textiles, and gift items. Her work was represented by a licensing agent in New York City who secured rights for a fine art print of a collage which was distributed nationwide. Cathy's collages were juried into the National Collage Society's annual exhibition in 2005 and 2007. Her articles, "Anthologies" and "The Nature of Art" were featured in Cloth, Paper, Scissors art magazine.

She is a member of the International Society of Experimental Artists (award winner), National Watercolor Society, High Country Watermedia Society (Pres.) and the National Collage Society (award winner).


Chuck McLachlan is an instructor with an articulate and entertaining style of teaching art with the soul of a true storyteller. A former NFL football player, he dispels the notion that there might be anything called a typical artist. Whether the subject is football or the latest book on Picasso, he brings thoughtful and colorful enthusiasm to the classroom discussion. His work hangs in many private and corporate collections including R.J. Reynolds, Virginia Tech and the SAS Institute.

Chuck has a professional background in Commercial and Graphic Art and retired from a career as an Advertising Executive. He now focuses his artistic talents on the finer points of painting as a teacher and lecturer. He is actively teaching workshops from Alaska to Florida. Chuck has a steady following of students who praise his nurturing and encouragement in their art endeavors. He has developed the ability to condense the essence of the subject cleverly and simply, leaving the student’s imagination intact to fill in the details.

Chuck brings humor and storytelling to his classes and workshops. His emphasis is on design, form and color, keeping shapes simple. His purpose is to entertain the viewer and to create a mood or feeling about the subject matter. A painter of oils and watercolors, landscapes, florals and portraits, he loves both mediums. "Watercolor is very spontaneous, it's exactly what it says, water and color, and with that, it's easier to create that special mood." Chuck believes there is always something new to learn and loves to see his students learn and take a chance with their painting.

We are sure you will enjoy and appreciate Chuck’s unique ability to convey his easy to understand instruction and genuine sincerity in assisting students like yourself in reaching your goals as a watercolor artist.

Connie Logan

C.P. Logan paints landscapes, figure studies, portraits, still lifes, and plein aire studies with the heart of an impressionist. Her colors are rich and intense and her compositions are carefuly planned with texture, accomplished brushwork, and dramatic light and contrast.

Connie Logan developed her style from admiring the works of the Impressionists and Post Impressionists. Born in 1952 in Fairfax County, Virginia, she frequented the Washington museums and galleries. After receiving a B.A. in Art and Art Education from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia, she continued her studies at F.I.T. in NYC, Florida Atlantic University, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has taken workshops and studied with some of the most successful contemporary artists in the country and abroad.

She taught Art and Art Appreciation in public and private institutions to every age student from children to adults. Logan spent two years traveling, studying, painting, teaching, and exhibiting in Budapest, Hungary from1991-1993. She continues to lead painting excursions all over the world including, England, Ireland, Italy, and Hawaii.

She has been featured twice in Artist's Magazine and has won awards for her work on the local, regional, and national level. Connie teaches, lectures, and juries shows and has exhibited her own work in over thirty galleries, restaurants, and museums regionally. She opens her own studio twice a year to the public. She is currently teaching over 60 adult students at her own studio and has been the art teacher a Ridgefield Academy since its founding.

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Dick Ensing owner of the Dutchman's Loft studio, located 1-1/2 miles from Dollywood, paints in the tradition of the French impressionist. With Cades Cove and the surrounding country side as his inspiration; Dick says landscape painting in the Great Smoky Mountains is a real experience, because the light in the mountains is filtered by the atmosphere causing the colors to have a prismatic effect, this creates a mood that captivates the feeling and beauty of God's awesome power." 

As the 5th generation grandson of the legendary Dutch painter Adrian Van Der Werf. (1659-1722) . Dick values his heritage, as Adrian was the most famous painter of his day and achieved a high level of academic perfection in all his work, even surpassing Rembrandt who died when Adrian was 10 years Old. Dick has studied art with Robert Brackman, Madison Connecticut, William Schultz , Lenox Massachusetts, Herb Abrams, Washington Connecticut, and portraiture with Ilene Ross Smith kin, New York. He has taught art at Arrow mount School of Art, Walters State College, and given workshops at many colleges and art leagues. Along with Dicks other accomplishments he has a degree in engineering and plays jazz as a hobby.

Dick, his wife Pat and son Curt have adopted The Great Smoky Mountains as their home. 


Over a span of close to 50 years, Jael has created more than 38,000 paintings. She is considered one of the most renowned female artists of today. From beautiful illustrations, to personal commissions for collectors, her use of lush color consistently places her originals and limited editions in high demand. Jael has participated in juried gallery and museum exhibits throughout the country, and is a popular "Artist Guest Of Honor". Jael received her BFA, Secondary Certification, from the University of Utah, taught for several years in Utah High Schools, and then accepted an invitation to teach fine-art at Clarke College in Las Vegas. Her art is featured in "The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Techniques", the Paper Tiger Fantasy Art Gallery, the prestigious Frank Collections, and is a frequent nominee covering several categories, for the Chesley Awards, the most prestigious award presented world-wide, for Fantasy and Science Fiction Art.

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After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Texas State University, Laurie Humble worked in many mediums before settling on transparent watercolor. She has concentrated on her love of watercolor and drawing for the last five years.

Her watercolors have appeared in more than Fifty National and International Exhibitions. Included are such prestigious shows as, the American Watercolor Society, The American Artists Professional League, Watercolor USA, and the Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors. Her work has garnered numerous awards.

Laurie is a signature member of the Texas Watercolor Society, the National Society of Artists, Eastern Washington Watercolor Society, Montana Watercolor Society, Georgia Watercolor Society, Missouri Watercolor Society, and the Watercolor Society of Alabama.

Her work was the subject of a feature article, entitled Three Key Elements of a Successful Painting: Focal Point, Composition, and Depth, in the March 2005 issue of American Artist Magazine, appeared in the Art Values section of Southwest Art, in the June 2006 issue, and the Studio Access section of International Artist, in the December/January 2007 issue. Laurie is currently working on a watercolor instructional book, due out in 2008.

From Laurie's instruction you will take away tools necessary to improve your work. Both beginners and advanced painters will learn techniques which can be applied to any painting style, and any subject matter. 

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    Lisa Mathis has inspired hundreds of adults and children to tap into the "inner-artist" that she truly believes we all possess. "Artists have been so kind to me to share what they have learned and it is my privilege and honor to pass that along to the other artists coming behind me".
    Lisa always knew she would become an artist. Drawing and painting from an early age, Lisa credits the growth of her talent to the encouragement she received from her parents, art teachers and to her world travels as a child of an Air Force Officer. Lisa remembers being fascinated by the portrait artists she watched endlessly in Athens and by the Renaissance paintings she had the good fortune to see in the museums and churches abroad. She carried these memories with her to the College of William and Mary where they finally culminated in her firm, passion-driven commitment to the study of art.
    After graduating from William and Mary in 1991 with a degree in Fine Arts and Religion, Lisa and her husband, Brian, moved to Charlotte, NC where she began her career as a graphic designer. After moving to Raleigh, Lisa ran her own Graphic Design business which allowed her to broaden her knowledge and mastery of the visuals to include the beauty of design, color and typography. Throughout this time, Lisa continued to draw and paint for commissions and continued her study of the figure.
    Finally, after many years as a graphic designer and several more years of staying home with her two children, Carter and Lacey, Lisa realized her dream by opening up ArtStudio, a studio and gallery, with a few other professional artists. Lisa can be found in her studio almost every day, working on commissioned paintings and drawings or teaching classes and workshops to adults and children alike. When she's not in her studio, Lisa can be found working on one of the many volunteer projects she takes on as an active member of her local community. 
    Lisa is known for painting portraits, figures, genre pieces, animals, and landscapes; she works with pencil, watercolor and oil. Currently, she's working on a watercolor festival series, an acrylic animal series and a children's book about art. Lisa also loves photography and is rarely spotted around town or on the sidelines of one of her childrens' sporting events without her camera. Lisa is thrilled to now join the online artist community at Art Academy Live; "This is a rare opportunity to reach a much broader audience and share this love for art with the amazing!"


Morgan Samuel Price is an internationally known plein-air artist and painting teacher. Morgan truly loves to paint and she is in her element painting out of doors in nature. Morgan feels that through her painting, she seeks to convey that passion to the viewer, imparting the purity of spring, the sultry lushness of summer, the crisp brilliance of fall and the chilly solitudes of winter. With each painting, Morgan likes to constantly challenge herself, confronting new and bolder horizons.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Morgan grew up in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. From an early age, she developed a profound respect for nature. Her career was, and still is, nurtured and fully encouraged by her inspirational mother, Sheila, who has always been her biggest ally. As a child, Sunday drives through the countryside introduced Morgan to nature. Her fervor for art was also fueled by frequent outings to the Cleveland Art Museum.

After graduating from the prestigious Ringling School of Art in Sarasota Florida, Morgan began her professional art career at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri. This was followed by work as Creative Director in a publishing firm, followed by an independent endeavor in architectural rendering.

In 1972 Morgan reached a turning point and successfully began her career as a fine artist. By 1979, she was conducting painting workshops around the country and in Europe. She has studied with such prominent artists as Loren Wilford, and Robert Carl Cogar and has exhibited in juried art shows in New York City.

Morgan Samuel Price is a truly successful and renown artist. She has developed a wonderful style of instruction with a straight forward, methodical presentation that is easily understood by all levels of artists, from beginner to advanced.

pat weaver .net

Pat Weaver is an accomplished watercolor artist whose work consistently receives high praise, whether teaching workshops across the country or completing commissions for fine art pet portraits.

Pat is a Signature Member, Life Member and Past President of the Florida Watercolor Society. She is also a Signature Member of the Georgia Watercolor Society, as well as an associate member of the Society of Animal Artists, New York, NY.

Pat was chosen for the Featured Artist Article and cover of New Barker Magazine, (Sept. 09) Her exhibitions include the 47th Annual Exhibition of Society of Animal Artists, Wilderness Experience in Littleton, Colorado (Oct. - Feb. 2008) and the Small Works, Big Impressions - Society of Animal Artists, Wilderness Experience, Littleton, Colorado (Nov. - Feb. 2008)

Pat's art education is basically through independent study supplemented by art workshops with Claude Croney, Daniel Green, Ted Goerschener, Marilyn Simandle, Robert Bateman, John Seerey-Lester, Edgar Whitney and Betty Lou Schlem.

Pat is an international watercolor instructor, traveling throughout the United States, Italy, France, Mexico, the Bahamas, St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands. She has a direct, spontaneous approach to painting with watercolor. Her workshops are very popular and the students are always eager to have her back.

Artist, Peter X O’Brien was born in Glen Cove, New York. His family moved to Wellesley, Massachusetts and then to San Francisco, California before finally settling down in Lake Oswego, Oregon. His interest in art was encouraged at an early age by his artistic mother. Peter has been drawing and painting ever since.
Peter earned a football scholoarship to the University of Idaho. He spent (4) years in Idaho playing collegiate football and studying drawing and painting. In 1985, Pete signed as a placekicker with the New Orleans Saints. After a brief career in the NFL, he decided to go back to school and complete his college education. He graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon.
Pete lives in West Linn, Oregon with his wife and children and has a studio in Lake Oswego. He still finds time to travel extensively looking for fresh subject matter to paint. He has studied under well known artists such as Tom Lynch, Tony Couch, Jan Kunz, Jim Ponti and Eric Wiegardt in his persistent quest to expand and refine his craft.
Pete is considered by his peers as one of the emerging western artists and is participating in juried art shows throughout the west. He has been received 4, “Best of show” awards in the past two years.

Sterling Edwards was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1951. At the age of twelve, he was enrolled in oil painting classes after his parents noticed he had a natural ability to draw. Once introduced to the world of art, Sterling began experimenting with every medium at this disposal. In 1985, he bagan studying transpartent watercolors and was immediately captivated by the freshness and luminosity of the medium. Influenced by watercolor master, Zoltan Szabo, Sterling spent several years developing his own unique style of painting with watercolors. Interpretations of natural settings are the subject of the majority of his paintings. Using mostly large brushes, Sterling focuses on the design of the subject and begins a process of conveying his thoughts and interpretations with stylized shapes, bold lights and darks and dramatic color rhythms. The result is an expressive and sometimes abstract painting that allows the viewer to see a small part of the world through Sterling's eyes.
In 1993, Sterling began teaching his style of painting to watercolor artists of all skill levels. As his reputation as a watercolor artist and teacher grew, he was requested to conduct watercolor workshops throughout the United States and Canada. He has been a featured artist in the fall 2001 issue of Watercolor Magic magazine in an article titled "Ones to Watch," and has been featured in numerous newspaper articles. In March 2006, Sterling was chosen as a founding artist and stockholder of Art Academy Live, Inc., a web-based international art instruction company. In 2007, he was elected as a signature member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. Sterling's original paintings are in private and corporate collections worldwide and marketed through several galleries. He works from his studio in Hendersonville, North Carolina.




Colorado native, Tom Lockhart, was born and raised in Monte Vista, the heart of the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado.  Tom’s love for nature and the outdoors is evident in his paintings.  Striving to convey a feeling of light and atmosphere is always a challenge for any artist but for Tom it is even more challenging because he works in oils, pastels, and watercolors.  Tom looks to the Old Masters and great painters of the late 19thand early 20th century for inspiration in his own work.  “I am striving for a balance between traditional representational painting and impressionism.  I feel that texture and variation of paint application along with solid design and drawing make for a stronger presentation.”
He relishes the opportunity to paint landscapes from life.  “The outdoors is our greatest teacher. One should never take for granted the beauty of nature and especially our great country. We are truly blessed to live and work in freedom.”
Tom is a Signature Member of the North Western Rendezvous group (NWR) in Helena, MT.  Lockhart was a featured seminar presenter for the NWR during the twenty-eighth annual Western Rendezvous of Art in Helena, Montana, 2006, “It was truly an honor to speak and demonstrate to fellow artists such as Matt Smith, George Strickland, John Budicin, Jim Wilcox, Greg Beecham, and many others artists and patrons of such notoriety”.  Tom is also a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America and won the First Place Award of Excellence and the Patron’s Choice Award for the OPA in 2005.
Tom has participated in many shows and outdoor painting events including the Telluride Plein-Air Festival, the Sedona Plein-Air Festival and the Rocky Mountain Plein-Air (RMPAP) events (which are both Signature and National shows). Tom is a Signature Member of RMPAP.   He won the RMPAP Award of Excellence in 2004, 2003, and 2002.  He was the recipient of the Director’s Choice Award in 2003. 
Tom won the Award of Excellence at the Telluride Plein-air Festival Chosen by Southwest Art Magazine. He also received the Best of Show at the 16th Annual Colorado Watercolor Society’s “Summer of Watercolor” Exhibition 2007.  

Tom has been referred to as one of the nation's premier watercolorists. He has written 7 books and hosted several award winning PBS TV Art Series. He was recently listed as one of the nation's top 20 teachers by a leading Art magazine. He is represented by some of the nations's leading museum and art galleries. He has been the spokesperson for the entire National Art Materials Trade Association, and continues to be the international spokesperson for many leading art material manufacturers. Tom is currently featured on the new cable TV channel Visual Arts Network, and in 2007 he became the CMO and featured artist for Art Academy Live (the leading on-line education source).
With his uniquely styled landscape paintings, he strives for a level of excitement, movement and resonance that seems to push somewhere beyond what the environment naturally provides.
When considering subjects he tries to search for something striking; like the color of the sky, the direction of natural light, pattern of shadows, or the glint of sunlight on water. He then embellishes those striking features.
Lynch hopes that by accentuating those things that are sometimes easy to miss, he can provoke viewers to ... "Have something to think about, not just something to see". Each painting Tom creates can be seen as special. "I feel it's the job of the artist to bring to the viewer the best of what can be found in the landscape, along with a little creativity or exaggeration ... normal and ordinary are not for me."
Tom is a natural teacher who is especially intuitive in developing the student's own individual needs. For 35 years students from all over the world have attended his successful workshops and acclaimed them with high regard. He has mentored many who are now accomplished professionals. When Tom speaks, he talks openly and candidly. His paintings have the same intensity, expression, and direct appeal.
Tom's list of credentials include: Two "Lifetime Achievement Awards", "Signature Membership" in many national societies, election into the illustrious "Society of American Impressionists", as well as "Who's Who in American Art". Tom has been the invited "guest artist" for many art exhibitions including Sedona Plein Air Festival. Tom was honored in the American Embassy in Paris with a one-man exhibition. He has been cited in numerous publications including "American Artist Magazine", "Southwest Art", "International Artist Magazine", "Art & Antiques", "Today's Great Masters", the "Wall Street Journal" and the color, front page every Christmas Day for a leading Illinois newspaper. Tom's video production won a Bronze Award in the "Telly" Competition, which focuses on video production, and compares to the Academy Award Program. Some of Tom's numerous awards include: "The Municipal Art League of Chicago Award of Excellence", "Landscape Artist of the Year", and he was the first American selected for Honorary Membership in the "Canadian Watercolor Society". Tom has been the featured artist for the Men's, Women's and Senior U.S. Open Golf Championship and several PGA events and tournaments. Much of his work has been published and many of his best paintings are available in "Limited Edition" prints. It is no surprise that his paintings are included in private and corporate collections throughout the world.



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