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   only $99.00 includes shipping
(reg. $120 plus shipping !)

- Same palette Tom uses
- 19 deep wells
- Solid Porcelain 7lbs.
- 8 brush holder locations
- LARGE mixing area  12"x16"
- One long 16" x 1" front mixing area
- Work like the pros, see how the colors open and blend
- Improve how you mix and apply better color variety
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Product Photo Membership Special
Join Art Academy Live for 10 months and receive an additional 2 months for FREE.
In addition you will receive a link to watch a full length DVD DEMONSTRATION.  This is a total savings of $30 + $29.95 ( $59.95 ) Join now before this offer ends !


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Product Photo Porcelain Palette
This is the palette that Tom Lynch uses to create his colorful paintings. Porcelain allows the color to float and merge with other colors.This is one of his favorite tools and he immediately saw a difference in his paintings when he changed from a plastic palette to porcelain.
PRICE is only $ 99.00!    (Retail value of this palette is over $120 )


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Product Photo 10---'DOT' Spray Bottles
Tom Lynch custom ' DOT '  spray bottles ( Yellow top, Purple neck ) emit a pattern of spray that makes a variety of sizes which is great for the painting of...trees...leaves...grass...roads...branches...waves...texture beaches...
and SO much more. See the instruction video in ' WHAT'S NEW '. 
PRICE...$30.00  ... 
Plus $6.00 Shipping and handling.  ( U.S.A )
( IL. add 8.5 % tax )


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Product Photo 'DOT' Spray Bottle video
See Tom Lynch explain his 'DOT' Spray Bottles. ( Yellow top, Purple neck )
Click PREVIEW VIDEO to see free Video demonstration
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Product Photo 5 - TOM LYNCH ' DOT ' Spray Bottles
 These custom made ' DOT ' spray bottles ( Yellow top, Purple neck ) emit a pattern of spray that makes a variety of size dots. This pattern is great for creating -  leaves...grass...roads...branches...waves...texture...edges...and  SO much more!
See the ' DOT ' spray bottle demonstrated in the 'WHAT'S NEW' and the SNIPPETS sections. 
PRICE...$3.50 each ( MIn. OF 5 )     
Plus $6.00 Shipping and handling ( U.S.A.)
( IL add 8.5% tax )


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Product Photo Porcelain Palette VIDEO
Watch Tom Lynch explain why his porcelain palette is so important to him in the SNIPPETS section. Retail value of his palette is over $120. The price is only $ 99.00!
Preview Video


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The 3/4 inch flat brush is the most used brush by Mr. Lynch. This brush is made from the 'best of the best' brush hairs ..100%.SABLE !  A natural hair brush holds 66% more moisture that a synthetic brush. The added unique features are.. 'extra length out',...'bigger belly'...and long handle. These custom features allow you to paint with the edge, side, corner, and belly unlike any other brush.  Mr. Lynch uses this brush for his studio, workshop, and plein-air paintings and he creates over 75% of his paintings with this one brush. " It's not the number of brushes you have , it's their quality ", says Mr. Lynch. 
 PRICE...$95  ... ( retail value $156 )... Plus $4 shipping ( U.S.A. )
... receive a  FREE 1/8 sable flat brush with purchase ( IL. 8.5 % tax )


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This brush has all the same features as the 3/4 sable brush that Mr.Lynch uses only is a smaller size. 
PRICE... $52..  ( Retail value is $65 )  Plus $4 for shipping ( U.S.A. )
( IL. add 8.5% tax )


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Product Photo # 8 LINER / RIGGER BRUSH
The unique quality of this brush is its' long length out and full belly. It is made of  100% sable hair. This brush has a long handle that allows you to to paint loose.  Sable hair holds 2/3 's more moisture than a synthetic brush. Watch as Mr. Lynch uses the side, corner, and the point for a variety of brush marks.
PRICE... $38 ...( retail value $49 )...  Plus $4 for shipping ! ( U.S.A. )
( IL add 8.5 % tax )


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Product Photo Deluxe Watercolor Brush Set
Here is your opportunity to have the 3 primary brushes that Mr. Lynch uses. These brushes are made from the finest kolinsky sable hairs. Included with this purchase ( 3/4' sable  flat brush - #8 sable liner brush-  #16 round blend brush) you will receive a FREE General Pencil Kit. ( This kit includes 1 sketch & wash pencil, 2 watercolor pencils, 1 charcoal white pencil, pencil sharpener; brush cleaner, and eraser ! )
 PRICE... $163...( retail value $240 )...Plus $6 for shipping... ( U.S.A. )
( Il. 8.5% tax ) 


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Product Photo Incredible White Mask
Tom Lynch prefers this frisket for its' unique quality of drying clear. Tom applies the white mask not only on the white paper but over dry color as well. This liquid frisket allows the color it is protecting to be seen through. You can see this product demonstrated in many of Tom's snippets and live demos.
PRICE... $15...  ( retail value $19 )... Plus $5 for shipping ! ( U.S.A. )
( IL add 8.5 % tax )


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Product Photo Secret Composition Tool
Tom Lynch has created a unique device that allows the artist to ...develop a composition, add or make changes, make a value plan, to transfer that layout with ease to the final surface. Tom has used this tool both in the plein-air setting and now working from photos in his studio. The dry erase marker makes for easy corrections and bold value studies. The red filter allows the artist to see their subject in tone vs.color. The grid allows for easy transfer of the composition.
 See this device demonstrated in the  'WHATS NEW' section.

 PRICE... $24. .. Plus $3 for shipping  ( U.S.A.)
PLUS... Receive a FREE composition finder
( IL add 8.5 % tax )



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Product Photo 10 Sheets of 300# Gemini Watercolor Paper
10 sheets of 300# GEMINI  ( cold press ) watercolor paper. The professional grade paper for artists that like a forgiving surface for removing dry color with ease and repainting over the area of lifting because of its' strong internal sizing.
PRICE  SPECIAL ...  $75... ( RETAIL VALUE $200 )
INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING for a  limited time  ( U.S.A. )
 ( Il.. add 8.5% tax )


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Product Photo Size # 16 Designer Round Watercolor Brush
This is the 'custom' round watercolor brush that Tom Lynch uses. It has a unique extended point and is made of 50% [sable] natural hair. Mr. Lynch says " this  brush has an amazing point and is a great value ". You can use the side and point for both for fine line and broad brushstrokes.
PRICE ... $ 35... (retail value $50 )... Plus $4 for shipping  ! ( U.S.A. )
currently out of stock 
( IL. add 8.5 % tax )


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Product Photo 8-DOT...2 -Fine Mist Bottles
This bottle set includes 8 DOT bottles (Yellow top, Purple neck ) and 2 FINE MIST bottles. Tom Lynch uses these DOT bottles to create a variety of items and SO much more. The fine mist bottles are used to spray out diluted paint to modify the 4 sides of the painting causing the focal point to glow!
See more details and videos in the snippets section.
 PRICE ... $30... ( retail price is $35 )... Plus $6.00 shipping and handling  (U.S.A.)
 ( il add 8.5 % tax )


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Product Photo Mask Pen
This liquid frisket applicator pen can apply a fine line for ...ropes ...wires ...lines.. highlights and more. This pen is easy to use with a special cap insuring that the pen never clogs and is always ready to use.The pale blue color is easy to see, can be removed easily and will protect the white paper from watercolor paint.
PRICE... $15... ( retail price is $19 )... Plus $5 for shipping ( U.S.A. )
( IL. 8.5 % tax )


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Product Photo 20 Sheets of #140 Gemini Watercolor Paper
20 sheets of 140# GEMINI  ( cold press ) watercolor paper. The professional grade paper for artists that like a forgiving surface for removing dry color with ease and repainting over the area of lifting because of its' strong internal sizing. 

.PRICE SPECIAL... $80...( Retail value $240 )...( Il. add 8.5% tax )

 PRICE INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING for a limited time  ( U.S.A. )


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Product Photo Workshop Art Supply Basics
Great for the student who is entering a TOM LYNCH workshop and needs the basic set of supplies. This set includes...
...5 sheets of 140#  'Extra white' FABRIANO watercolor paper 16x20
...2 sheets of 300#  'Extra white' FABRIANO watercolor paper 16x20 
...8 DOT bottles ( Yellow top / Purple neck )  2 Fine Mist bottles... ( 10 total )
...5 SENNELIER colors [ 21 ml.]  Tom refers to them as ' IMPACT ' colors for               focal point, sunlight & shadow,
Phthalo Blue, Lemon Yellow, Opera Rose, Phthalo Green lt., Blue Indanthrene 

 PRICE...  $134.00   ( retail value $187 )   Plus $15 shipping and handling
( IL RESIDENT 8.5 % tax )


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Product Photo Fabriano ( Extra White ) Watercolor Paper
Fabriano has been making paper for over 7 centuries. They are praised the world over as being the finest Art papers used by artists, Michelangelo, Raphael and many others. The ' EXTRA WHITE '  is naturally made without the use of optical brighteners or bleach so as to maintain it's ARCHIVAL quality. 
This set includes...
1 package of 5 sheets of 140#  ( 16x20 ) 
1 package of 2 sheets of 300#  ( 16x20 ).
 PRICE...  $34.00    ( retail value is $59 )...   Plus $14 shipping and handling
 ( IL. add 8.5% tax)
Plus receive a FREE sample of watercolor canvas.


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Product Photo Tom Lynch's 17 Sennelier 'Palette Colors '
This is the complete set of 17 colors that Tom Lynch uses in his palette and spray bottles. They are the large tube size ( 21 ml ). Sennelier has been making paint for over a century using the best pigments. This combination of honey and Gum Arabic offers a smooth, bright texture and lively colorful shades. These paints are produced without ox gall so that dry color can be re-wet with ease.
No more wasted paint laying in your palette.
Red Orange
Opera Rose
Burnt Sienna
Cerulean Blue
Cobalt Blue
Lemon Yellow
Hookers Green
Alizarin Crimson
Sennelier Yellow Deep
Phthalo Green Light
Blue Indanthrene
Phthalo Green Deep
Sennelier Red
Permanent Magenta 
Ultramarine Deep
Yellow Ochre Light
Ultramarine Deep

 With this order you will receive a  FREE signed copy of 
Tom Lynch's 'WATERCOLOR SECRETS BOOK'   ( $25 value )
PRICE... $217   ( retail value is $345 )...Plus $14 shipping and handling
  ( IL. add 8.5 % tax )


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