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Reselling Booth Space

The reselling of booth space by an exhibitor or sharing booth space with other companies is prohibited.

Hospitality Suite and Organized Events

This policy has been established in order to put all exhibitors on an equal footing with regard to visiting with registered participants. The policy was recommended by the AFSA Manufacturer/Supplier Council and approved by the Board of Directors. 

We are asking all exhibiting companies to read and comply with this document. The policy for use of hospitality suites and organized events is stated as follows:

“AFSA members, exhibitors and registered guests are not permitted to organize or sponsor hospitality suites, seminars, parties or other organized functions during the official convention dates (defined as 10/16/22 through the closing evening event on 10/19/22). There are no exceptions. Violators will be assessed a permanent penalty of 50 percent of their accumulated exhibitor points for booth assignment priority for all future years. Violators with no points to lose will not be permitted to exhibit in the following year.”

Booth Display

AFSA does not permit a tabletop display. Exhibitor may choose to display a full exhibit or a fold-out display. A/V equipment is available for rental through the hotel. Order forms will be found in the service kit sent from VIPER Tradeshow Services.

Contests and Drawings

No company will be permitted to organize contests or drawings in their booth giving away prizes during the official convention dates. Companies will be permitted to give away items in their booth as long as the items are not given away as prizes from contests or drawings.

Machinery Demonstrations

The Manufacturer/Supplier Council of AFSA has established a policy regarding machinery demonstrations during the AFSA exhibit show hours, based on safety standards determined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). According to OSHA, sound levels greater than 85 decibels require a hearing conservation program to be in place. Any company choosing to demonstrate machinery during show hours with a decibel level greater than 85 as considered by OSHA to be over the safety level will be required to select a booth in the designated area. For AFSA41, the designated “demonstration” area is located in the exhibit hall in the 500 aisle. Companies demonstrating over 85 decibels must provide safety standard earplugs to attendees.

Any company with a booth located in an area other than the demonstration area of the exhibit hall demonstrating machinery with a decibel level greater than 85 during show hours will be required to discontinue further demonstrations for the remainder of the show. The booth selection process will follow the order as defined by the point system.

Advertising and Handouts

Only AFSA representatives and registered exhibitors will be permitted to distribute advertising materials or other handouts in the exhibit hall of AFSA’s exhibition. Materials deemed to be offensive will not be permitted. In addition, AFSA prohibits the distribution of commercial, political, or promotional materials in or around any AFSA program - including but not limited to networking meals, seminars, meeting rooms, hallways, etc. - without the prior written permission of AFSA.


AFSA’s Convention, Exhibition & Apprentice Competition is open to registered members and guests. The open exhibit day, 10/19/22 is open to all registered attendees, exhibitors, and the invited guests of AFSA, its exhibitors, and its local members. AFSA reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone to any event, program, and exhibition.

Booth Personnel

Company representatives may exhibit with an exhibiting company provided they are there solely to sell products or services of the exhibiting company that purchased the booth space.

Exhibitor Points

Exhibitor points are earned by companies each year based on continued membership and cumulative booth purchases. The point system is administered as follows:
  • Exhibitor companies select their booth position in the AFSA Exhibit Hall in an order determined by sponsorship level and the number of points acquired. The company with the most points will be able to select first, provided the application form and payment are submitted by the deadline date. The company with the second-highest number of points will have a second choice, etc. Companies submitting the application form after the deadline will select a booth on a first-come-first-served basis regardless of the number of points acquired. The number of points each company has is based on the following:
    • 1 point for each consecutive year of membership in AFSA. (Any company that allows its membership status to lapse for any length of time will lose all points previously acquired.)
    • 1 point for each booth every year that the company has exhibited.
    • Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsors will select their booth first in the order of points accumulated.


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