2019 NCCPA Fall Conference

The North Carolina State Chapter of the American College Personnel Association (NCCPA) is excited to partner with UNC Charlotte to deliver, ‘Strategy, Vision and Setting Ourselves Apart: The College Campus in the 21st Century' as the 2019 Annual Fall Conference.

Heightened criticism regarding the effectiveness and outcomes of post-secondary education in the public sphere, coupled with changing campus demographics, issues of equity and inclusion on campus, campus safety and rising mental health concerns have textured, nuanced and complicated the work of Higher Education and Student Affairs professional across tradition faculty and staff lines. In order for institutions to meet the demands of the changing landscape, we must continue to advance best practice in our functional areas, while strategically communicating the value of our collective work as post-secondary educators. In all of this, the NCCPA recognizes collaboration to be key to all of this and sees you, as an invaluable contributor.

We invite our colleagues throughout post-secondary education in North Carolina, South Carolina and surrounding states to share in the opportunity to engage in conversations that will shape the challenging and exciting future ahead.


Key Questions of the 2019 NCCPA Fall Conference:

  1. In what ways can equity be infused into all functions of higher education to ensure the success of all students?


  1. How will campuses continue to address issues of campus wellness, safety, trauma and mental health in the 2st century?


  1. What are the best and promising practices for Financial and Enrollment Management in the 21st Century? How do we advance and redefine educational opportunity and access amidst financial pressures and changing demographics?


  1. How are we designing and assessing academic and co-curricular offerings to deliver and justify our high-impact practices?


  1. How can student affairs practitioners and administrators collaborate with faculty to support the holistic development of our students?



  1. How do we equip our students with the skills and practical understanding needed to be civically engaged, activists and servant leaders? How do we create space for various levels of civic engagement and activism for students, faculty and staff?


  1. How can we continue to articulate and demonstrate the value of student leadership and involvement on our campus communities? What might this look like for men, students of color and students with social identities not often represented in traditional campus leadership roles?


  1. What does the preparation and development of new and emerging professionals in higher education entail in the decades ahead? What are the essential skills sets and competencies essential to professional success in higher education?



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Event Starts:
Thursday, October 3, 2019
Event Ends:
Friday, October 4, 2019

Charlotte, NC 28223

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