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ACPA23 Convention Call for Proposals


Use this form to submit a Career Snapshot, Convention Program, or Pre-Convention Workshops Proposal ONLY. To submit a proposal for one of the Scholarship Session Types please use the Scholarship Session Program Proposal Form



Thank you for your interest in submitting an educational session proposal for the ACPA23 Annual Convention in New Orleans, LA 26-29 March 2023.

ACPA23 takes place near the Mississippi River delta. As the river connects with another body of water – the Gulf of Mexico – it alters its pace. Over time, this change in flow allows sediment to build up and create new structures. In creating new land and smaller, interconnecting bodies of water, it offers new and future ecosystems for life to thrive.

Coming together as an association in New Orleans in 2023, we find our community in this place of both deep history and new beginnings. We build upon that which we carried over 99 years as an Association, and the rapid events of immediate history. As we consider the content for our program, we turn to wonder. In what ways are connections between colleagues, students, loved ones, research, and our profession evolving with the current moment? How are we leveraging the self-understanding from 6 years of Association-wide engagement with the Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization to build momentum in shifting the landscape of our work? Approaching ACPA at 100 - as Louisiana has been home for the creation of new cultures - how are we envisioning the future of our field and association?

The ACPA23 Convention Planning Team invites educational session proposals that seek to engage with these goals. This Call for Proposals includes the following session types:  

Session Type    

Session Time


Career Snapshot

30 minutes

Presentation or skill-building sessions centering career development and advancement. Career snapshots will have a focus on the ACPA/NASPA Competencies. Key areas of content consideration include:

  • Competency & skill development

  • Application of racial justice/decolonization at work

  • Critical review of higher education employment in the 21st Century

Convention Program

60 minutes

Presentation or panel sessions on a specific topic

Pre-Convention Workshop

4 hours, 6 hours, or 10 hours

Workshops meant for an in-depth discussion on current and emerging topics that transform higher education. 4-hour sessions will be Sunday morning (9:00 am – 1:00 pm). 6-hour sessions will be Saturday afternoon/evening (12:00 pm - 6:00 pm). You will also have the option to propose workshops that will take place over two days for the duration of both time blocks (10 hours in total).

Experiential Program

60 Minutes

ACPA23 is excited to once again offer Experiential Programs as a way to highlight the creative talents and ideas our members possess. We invite you to consider what you’re passionate about & willing to share with others. As we dream of our time together embark on a celebration in New Orleans, how can you use your gifts to engage learners in your session in ways that shift beyond lectures and slides? Then this space is for you! Come ready to present, share with others & engage in community with a unique modality that could include but is not limited to spoken word, art, film, and musical performances.


ACPA members of color, trans members, women, members with a disability, and members with other minoritized or silenced identities are encouraged to submit program proposals for the ACPA23 Convention in New Orleans.

The ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs can be reviewed at https://www.myacpa.org/professional-competency-areas-student-affairs-practitioners.

The due date to submit a proposal for a Pre-Convention workshop is Friday, 29 July 2022.

The due date to submit all other types of proposals is Friday, 9 September 2022.

If you have any questions or experience any difficulties with the submission process, please contact the Program Team at conventionprograms@acpa.nche.edu.