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Use this form to submit a Reserach-in-Process, Multimodal, Methods Workshop, or Research & Practice Poster ONLY. To submit a proposal for one of the Education Session Types please use the Education Session Program Proposal Form

Thank you for your interest in submitting a Scholarship Session proposal for the ACPA21 Convention, a Virtual Experience 1 - 17 March, 2021. 

Scholarship on student success, learning, and development is integral to the forward movement of the field of Student Affairs. However, scholarship on the field should not only be the purview of full-time academics and graduate students. Scholarship is for everybody and can be created by everybody too. Although scholarship has previously been narrowly defined, ACPA21 asks us to REFRESH our understanding of what gets to be included under the umbrella of knowledge creation and sharing and to REVITALIZE multiple ways of knowing and doing. For ACPA21, we understand scholarship to include traditional research papers and posters and we also mean it to include: (a) multimodal forms of presentation (e.g., performance, visual, arts-based); (b) methods workshops; and (c) works in various stages of progress. With this in mind, we encourage you to submit to the Scholarship Session portion of Convention and continue reading this Call for Scholarship to learn about the NEW ways we invite you to engage at ACPA21.

Scholarship Session Submission and Reviews:

  • All members who submit a scholarship program are required to conduct at least 3 proposal reviews of scholarship sessions. If reviews are not completed by the assigned deadline, or a previously agreed upon date, that member’s scholarship programs will be removed from consideration.

  • If submitting for the Research-in-process session or Research and Practice Poster, members will be required to submit a version of their scholarship by 21 February 2021.

  • If a presenter is using a scholarship program to conduct a formal study to be published OR are using the presentation in order to recruit participants for a study, they must provide IRB and study materials to ACPA in line with the ACPA research process by 21 February 2021; If materials are not provided, or the materials are not approved by the International Office, the scholarship program will be removed from the program booklet. We encourage these members to submit their materials as early as possible to ensure time for review (e.g., shortly after acceptance).

  • All scholarship programs should adhere to the ACPA Equity and Inclusion principles (, including in the inclusive language utilized and in accessibility to full participation by all members aligning with universal design principles (

Scholarship Session Proposal Timeline:

  • Scholarship program proposals are due on the same date as general program proposals. Program proposals are due Friday, 2 October 2020.

  • Reviews will be conducted and completed by the end of October.

    • All members who submit a scholarship program are required to conduct at least 3 proposal reviews of scholarship sessions. If reviews are not completed by the assigned deadline, or a previously agreed upon date, that member’s scholarship programs will be removed from consideration.

  • You will receive notification of your proposal status of acceptance, waitlist, or decline by Friday, 13 November 2020.

  • If your program is accepted, you have the ethical and professional obligation to register for the convention by 11 December 2020 as well as provide required scholarship materials by the deadlines outlined below (if applicable). Register at Priority registration ends 31 October 2020. Early registration ends 18 December 2020.

  • ACPA reserves the right to rescind acceptance of any scholarship program proposal if required materials are not submitted by the deadlines outlined below (e.g., IRB materials, research papers for review), or registration is not completed by 11 December 2020, unless previous arrangements are made with the ACPA International Office. 

Please note that the below table provides an overview of Scholarship Session types. For more information review the full descriptions for Scholarship Sessions on the Scholarship Sessions webpage and the Proposal Resources.

Session Type

Session Time


Research-In- Process

30 minutes

Research-in-process sessions are 30 minutes long and are not paired up with other papers. 

Research-in-process sessions take the best parts of communal roundtable discussions, paper discussant feedback, and add the opportunity to develop a paper at almost ANY STAGE OF READINESS. Papers that are fully drafted (as in past years) should be submitted in this session type as well.

Each scholar(s) will be paired with an experienced, published scholar-mentor such as an ACPA Emerging or Senior Scholar with an additional goal of supporting the author to reach publication.


30 or 60 minutes

Scholarship presentations in this area include performance, visual, digital, and other arts-based forms of knowledge creation and distribution. Multimodal presentations can include forms such as Zines, storytelling, poetry, documentary, photo-voice project, artifact presentation, or the presentation of research findings in another creative format.

Multimodal sessions exist in two formats: (a) 30 minutes long presentation where two multimodal presentations are assigned to one session block (60 minute session in total); (b) poster-style.

Methods Workshop

60 minutes

Methods workshops allow members to present a project that uses compelling research methods and teaches others how to apply this method to their own work. Presentations in this format should be considered continuing professional development allowing members to build self-efficacy and capacity around creating scholarship and assessment tools to bring back to their campuses.

Research & Practice Poster


Posters on display during scheduled times of ACPA21 with presentation times facilitated by the authors.


ACPA members of color, trans members, women, members with differing disability and ability statuses, and members with other minoritized or silenced identities are encouraged to submit program proposals for the ACPA21 Convention.

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