Leading with a Racial and Social Justice Lens: SSAO's as Stabilizers in this Time of Culture Change

The VPSA serves as a stabilizing leader in tumultuous times…


Increased activism, student demands for more inclusive environments and systemic structures of oppression require 21stcentury university leaders to be more emotionally intelligent and responsive to emergent campus issues. The times demand courageous leaders. Join other senior leaders engaged in this important work to build your capacity so that you can comfortably engage racial justice and decolonization, confident in your knowing and competent in your engagement, and ready to continue leading your campus, staff, and students through these challenging times.


The workshop will:


§ Identify the knowledge, skill and awareness necessary for culturally competent leadership

§ Deepen emotional intelligence and the capacity to be responsive, empathic and authentic

§ Engage leaders in powerful personal transformation with senior colleagues

§ Provide strategies to help Vice Presidents lead their campuses in challenging times


With greater self-awareness, and facility with the tools to develop a culturally competent response plan, participants will grow in confidence about leading their institutions through challenging times with competence and humanity.


Learning Outcomes:


§ Deeper ability to embrace vulnerability as a skill to engage across difference


§ Enhance skills of introspection as a method of racial healing


§ Identify realistic goals for change at the personal, divisional and institutional levels


§ Deepen one’s skills in leading with a lens of racial inclusion at the forefront



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Event Starts:
Thursday, June 27, 2019
Event Ends:
Sunday, June 30, 2019

Seattle, Washington

June 26, 2019

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