2021 MNACPA Fall Conference - Systemic Change in Higher Education: What’s Your Role?

The 2021 MN Chapter of ACPA (MNACPA) Conference will be held Friday, October 22 virtually through Zoom. This year's theme is "Systemic Change in Higher Education: What's Your Role?" 

The COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustices, right here in Minnesota, moved our higher education environment to a critical crossroads prioritizing action-oriented dialogue and reflection, where systems can no longer remain unchecked. This year's conference serves as a platform to initiate the conversation of systemic change in higher education and calls upon the roles we all play in addressing systemic change, no matter your position.

The 2021 MNACPA Conference will bring together a broad and diverse community of educators to critically examine the past and look resolutely forward for change. We look forward to gathering as a community to share ideas, address common challenges, and network with friends and colleagues in Minnesota.

2021 MNACPA Conference Planning Committee
Laura Buchwald, Conference Co-Chair
Lindsay Gilbertson, Conference Co-Chair
Miguel Ovies-Bocanegra, Past President
Lindsay Borkin, Committee Member
Emily Long, Committee Member
Katy Peper, Committee Member
Mai Xiong, Committee Member


October 22nd, 2021
08:30 AM


October 22nd, 2021
04:30 PM Central