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Fall 2022 Title IX Webinar Update with Peter Lake

Title IX: Proposed New Regulations Will Offer More Flexibility…and Be Controversial 
The Department of Education issued new proposed Title IX regulations in June for notice and comment. The proposed regulations include strong LGBTQIA protections, stronger protection of reproductive rights, alter the definition of harassment, and allow for greater adaptability for recipient grievance processes. The Department has not eviscerated prior regulations entirely, however: The proposed regulations retain many features of the currently in-force regulations and are sensitive to challenges recipients face in a contentious regulatory environment. Major legal battles loom on the horizon that will impact core social justice issues for our campuses. Expect the next 18 months in particular to be defining moments in Title IX regulatory history. Your voices may never be more important… and the Department of Education will be listening. Join Professor Peter Lake for this 90-minute webinar discussing the new proposed regulations. We will consider the legal and political landscape in 2022 and beyond, and changes that the Department might make in light of what promises to be an active notice and comment process on the proposed regulations. 


October 12th, 2022
02:00 PM


October 12th, 2022
04:00 PM Eastern