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Reaching New Heights is the theme for AACC Annual 2023, which will take place April 1–4, 2022, in Denver, CO.  

Over the last two years, the country has grappled with a pandemic and escalating racial unrest.  We have witnessed the ingenuity of leaders at all levels in the community college in response to these unprecedented events.  And, each day, colleges are still learning and strategizing to advance equity and student success.  

AACC Annual provides you with an opportunity to share with other practitioners the innovations that you have implemented so that your colleges operate more efficiently and better serve students. AACC is seeking abstracts that:  
  • Focus on one singular topic
  • Feature a program, service, or organizational change to your institution as a response to current trends and issues impacting two-year colleges
  • Highlight significant impact in closing equity and achievement gaps
  • Show measurable, quantifiable outcome(s)
  • Take an old concept and create something new to better address a current problem
  • Show the ingenuity of the college in difficult circumstances 
What we are not interested in are abstracts that:
  • Focus on a vendor products 
  •  Are sales pitches
  • Feature projects and/or services more than four years old
  • Attempt to address multiple topics in a short period of time
  • Highlight topics that are not of interest to the field 
To submit an abstract:
  • You must be employed by an educational associate, corporate partner, or institutional member of AACC
If your abstract is accepted for inclusion on the agenda:
  • Titles and session descriptions cannot be changed
  • Accept or reject the date and time that the session is scheduled 
  • All speakers must register using the speaker registration form to attend the full AACC Annual 
The tracks for AACC Annual 2023 are:
  • AI, AR, VR and Emerging Technologies: Highlight the use of new and emerging technologies that support the college’s student success agenda, that enhance institutional operations and help the institution realize efficiencies, or that focus on reimagining student success in a digital world. 
  • Developing a Work-Ready Workforce: Strategies for building public and private partnerships; working with business and industry partners to reclassify jobs to align with credentials; scaling programs, in particular those with low student-to-teacher ratios; creating new programs that keep up with changing workforce needs; and relationships that lead to student employment with family sustaining wages. 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives: Programs and services focused on underrepresented populations. Highlight programs that close equity and achievement gaps and lead to student success.
  • Enrollment Declines: Strategies that the college has deployed to maintain current or increase enrollment, reversing the enrollment trends exacerbated as a result of the pandemic and the competitiveness from business and industry to attract workers. 
  • Teaching and Learning for Student Success: Related to pedagogy and strategies that promote engagement of students with the content in the classroom. Abstracts can also focus on supplemental instruction and student support services that have been integrated into instructional processes.
  • The Community College of the Future: Includes innovation that positions the institution to be responsive to student and community needs in the future. Sessions can focus on operational changes that have been implemented since the pandemic or in response to trends and issues impacting the sector where colleges are seeing positive outcomes, the addition of student supports to address today’s challenges, strategies to combat food and housing insecurity as well as other much needed wraparound services.
The deadline to submit an abstract for consideration is November 15 by 4:59 p.m. (ET).

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