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We have compiled the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to assist you with answers to the questions that we routinely receive.




Q: What are the eligibility requirements for submitting an abstract?


A: The submitter of an abstract must be a member of AACC. Membership includes institutional members, educational associate members, affiliated councils, and corporate partners. Non-members may co-present but cannot be the lead in submitting a proposal(s).


Q: If I submit an abstract, can I change it before the deadline?


A: If you begin the abstract application process, as long as you don’t complete the submission (hit “submit”), you may go back and change the abstract, up to the proposal deadline on November 14. Once you submit a proposal, you cannot modify it. Individuals that hit “save and return later” on an abstract submission, must physically log into the Abstract Service Center to hit “submit” by the deadline for the session to be considered for inclusion on the agenda.


Q: How many speakers can I include on an abstract submission?


A: Up to 3 presenters – this includes the submitter, and two co-presenters.


Q: When will I find out if my abstract was approved or rejected?


A: The deadline for submitting abstracts is November 14, 2022. Once the deadline passes, AACC staff will begin abstract review. Accepted abstracts will be scheduled. We anticipate that notifications for accepted abstracts will be sent out the first week in January.


Q: Can I change the speakers on my abstract after it has been accepted?


A: AACC will send the submitter of each accepted abstract an email that requests that he/she/they accept or reject the abstract as scheduled. During this period of time, the only modification that can be made to the submission is the speaker list. The edits to the speaker list must be made during the week-long period open for accepting/rejecting proposals. Requests for speaker changes will not be accepted after the deadline.


Q: My abstract was accepted, but I don’t like the time and date that it has been scheduled. What can I do?


A: AACC receives over 300 abstracts annually. Accepted sessions are randomly placed on the agenda in every available time slot before acceptances are emailed to the submitters. Therefore, the association is unable to move sessions once they have been scheduled, as there are no open time slots available to accommodate this type of request.




Q: Does AACC have member and non-member rates for guests, faculty, and students?


A: No. AACC has streamlined its registration fees. We offer a single rate for members regardless of employment classification, and one rate for non-members.


Q: Does AACC have a corporate member rate?


A: AACC corporate partners can register at the member rate. Companies that are not corporate partners must register for the non-member rate.


Q: On the website I see two rates – one for November 4, 2022–February 28, 2023, and the other beginning on March 1, 2023. How does this work?


A: The association has a standard member/non-member on-time rate which is offered from November 4, 2022, to February 28, 2023. Beginning March 1, 2023, the member and non-member rates increase. The March 1 rate increase is a late registration fee.


Q: Will AACC offer onsite registration?


A: No. AACC does not offer onsite registration. The registration website will remain open, and individuals interested in attending the meeting must go to the website, complete the registration process, and pay all applicable fees. The registrant can then visit the on-demand registration kiosks to print his/her/their registration badge.


Q: Can substitutions/registration transfers be requested onsite?


A: No. The individual with the original registration must ensure that the registration fee is paid for the registration. Then, he/she/they must request the registration substitution prior to the start of the annual meeting.

Q: I was planning to attend the meeting, but now I am sick.  What can I do?

A: Please make sure to review the meeting policies prior to registering.  Beginning on March 1, 2023, refunds will not be issued under any circumstances including but not limited to family and medical emergencies, no-shows, etc. Credits will not be issued for a future year. You are encouraged to consider transferring the registration to another individual at your college so you do not forfeit the fees paid.

Q: I registered for a ticketed event, and now I want to cancel it.  Can I do that?

A: Again, we encourage registrants to read all policies prior to making registration selections.  Refunds will not be issued for pre-convention workshops, general plenaries or other ticketed events. 




Q: If I am registered as booth staff, can I attend sessions?


A: Yes, you can attend sessions unless they are ticketed events. You can attend ticketed events if you add them to your registration record and pay for them.


Q: I am registered as a booth staff, but I am also a speaker. Do I have to register as a speaker as well?


A: No. Your booth staff registration covers you as a speaker.


Q: I received an email from a third-party provider indicating that they are selling the AACC Annual attendee list. Is this factual?


A: No. AACC does not work with any third parties, nor do we sell attendee lists. During registration, each registrant decides on what, if any, contact information they authorize AACC to share with exhibitors. AACC will only share contact information where we have received permission with exhibitors and sponsors whose packages include pre- and post-registration lists.


Q: Does the AACC show provide scheduled uninterrupted time for attendees to visit exhibitors?


A: Yes. AACC has built in exhibit-only time on the master schedule. This is time set aside so that meeting attendees can visit exhibitor demonstration kiosks.


Q: Can I reserve meeting space?


A: Meeting space requests are prioritized and given first to educational associates and corporate partners. If a company is interesting in booking meeting space for a breakfast or reception, this may be possible based upon the amount of unscheduled space that AACC has available. The space will have a cost associated if the request is not from a member organization and must be paid before March 1. AACC also reserves the right to decline requests for meeting space.


Q: Can I attend the opening plenary?


A: The opening plenary is included in registration. However, you still have to select that you are planning to participate through the registration process so that AACC can get an accurate count on the number of individuals we are expecting.


Q: What about the other plenaries – can I attend those as well?


A: You can attend the other ticketed plenaries if you select them in registration and you pay the fees associated with them.




Q: If I am a speaker, is there a special registration rate for me?


A: No. The published rate is the same for speakers and attendees.


Q: I am a speaker and I need to register. Can I use the attendee registration form?


A: AACC has created a special speaker form that you are required to use if you are a speaker. This registration form can be accessed through the Speaker Service Center. This allows us to provide you with special speaker-specific communications. If you register using the general attendee form, we cannot guarantee that you will receive pertinent information.


Q: Can I just register to attend my session only?


A: No. There is a flat registration rate. AACC does not offer a speaker rate, nor do we offer daily rates. The flat registration rate must be paid by all speakers by mid-February. If speakers do not register, the scheduled abstract is subject to being removed from the agenda.


Q: Am I required to upload my presentation prior to the AACC Annual Meeting?


A: While you are not required, we strongly recommend that you upload your slides prior to the event. This will allow session attendees to access your slides if they need to refer to them during and after the session. This will not allow you to access the slides for your presentation.


Q: Will there be a speaker ready room?


A: In the past, AACC has not provided a speaker ready room. In 2023, there will be a speaker ready room that speakers can visit to double-check that their slides work and to test videos. The room will be open for speakers to visit during convention hours.




Q: Can I contact the hotel directly to make my housing reservation?


A: No. AACC manages its own room block. To access the group rate, all reservations must be

made through the 2023 AACC Annual registration form. If you do not make your reservation at the time that you registered, you can modify your registration by going to the appropriate Service Center.


Q: I booked my lodging through a third-party website, and now I want to request that my lodging is added to the AACC housing block. Can I do that?


A: Unfortunately not. AACC serves as its own housing bureau. Third-party companies like Expedia and are not affiliated with the organization. If you book through these companies, you are subject to their policies. You have to cancel that reservation and rebook through the AACC registration form to secure lodging in the AACC housing block.


AACC recommends that attendees book through our housing bureau. There are a number of unreputable poachers in the meeting space that will take your money for a reservation, but they actually don’t have a relationship with the hotel where you are trying to stay.


Q: Is there a housing deadline?


A: Yes. The deadline to make housing arrangements at the group rate is March 7, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. (ET). If you plan to book housing after the housing deadline, you must contact the hotel directly and make your reservation. Reservations made directly with the hotel are subject to the hotel’s published room rates and taxes.


Q: If I didn’t book my room when I initially registered to attend AACC Annual, how do I go back and add it to my registration?


A: This will depend on the form that you used to register. If you are a meeting attendee, you must log into the Attendee Service Center. If you are registered as a speaker, you must log into the Speaker Service Center. Click modify registration > continue through each page until you get to housing > make your housing selection and submit.


Q: I booked my housing reservation, but I didn’t receive a confirmation number?


A: AACC serves as its own housing bureau. If you make a housing reservation before the housing deadline of March 7, you will receive an acknowledgment number from AACC. After the housing deadline passes, AACC will upload all reservation requests to the hotel. After March 7, you will receive a confirmation number from the hotel.


Q: I need to modify my housing request. How can I do that?


A: If you have booked housing before March 7 through AACC, you must log into the appropriate Service Center (Attendee Service Center or Speaker Service Center) to modify your reservation. You cannot contact the hotel for reservation changes until March 8, which is when AACC will turn reservations over the hotel.




Q: What are AACC’s COVID-19 requirements for 2023 AACC Annual?


A: AACC requests that each attendee complete a rapid test before traveling to Colorado. If the test is positive, then the individual should not attend the meeting. As it currently stands, we are not implementing any COVID-19 policies in the meeting space. Masks are recommended, not required, for individuals concerned about contracting COVID. AACC will continue to monitor COVID-19 guidelines, so our requirements for the meeting are subject to change.


Q: If I attend the meeting and contract COVID-19, what are my next steps?


A: First, please notify show management of your status. AACC show management will interface with the hotel to provide you with options. Most likely you will have to quarantine in your room. Fees associated with quarantine are your responsibility.


Q: If I am concerned about COVID, what should I do?


A: You must decide for yourself if you feel comfortable attending the meeting, as the risk posed by COVID-19 is everywhere. Washing your hands frequently, wiping down surfaces before and after you use them, getting vaccinated/boosted, and wearing a mask are all things that you should consider doing to cut down on your risk of infection.


Q: If I am diagnosed with COVID-19 after I return home for the meeting, do you need to know?


A: At this time, AACC does not plan to track COVID-19 infections for 2023. However, this could change based upon guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

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