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Proposal Questions

Once a proposal is submitted, it cannot be edited, so please review it carefully before hitting the submit button. Do not use acronyms in the title or session description, and do not provide content in All Caps.
  1. Select your session’s focus area (choose one)
  • Campus Climate and Crisis Management
  • Closing Equity and Achievement Gaps
  • Institutional Operations
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Student Success
  • Teaching and Learning
  1. Session title (66-character limit)
  2. Session description (85-word count)
The session description should be specific and address what you are presenting  
  1. Explain how your proposal aligns with the examples that AACC provided regarding the proposals that it is seeking.  (100-word count)
  2. Why should the audience care about your proposal topic and what will they learn from your presentation? (85-word count)
  3. What specifically are you planning to do in this session to engage attendees in their own learning? (85-word count)
  4. Add co-panelist/co-facilitator (maximum 3 presenters, including submitter)

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