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APRIL 11, 2021
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AACC Live consists of half-day and full-day workshops. If your institution has implemented an evidence-based strategy that advances a workshop topic, please select the corresponding workshop and answer the questions that follow. To lead a section within a workshop, presenters must have tools and resources, along with providing hands-on activities (i.e., case studies, templates, etc.) that allow participants to put their learning into immediate action.

Proposal Questions


  1. Select the workshop from dropdown
  2. Describe the concept/program that you will share with participants and how it relates to the workshop topic? Text box – 100 word limit
  3. What tools and resources will you use to walk attendees through your lesson? Select all that apply.
Case study(ies)


Instructional templates


Other: (please describe)


4. How much time is required to teach your concept/program?

30 minutes

45 minutes

1 hour

1 hour 15 minutes

1 hour 30 minutes

1 hour 45 minutes

2 hours


5. Share any data that supports your concept/program’s effectiveness? Upload data
6. List presenter(s)

First Name

Last Name

Job Title


Email Address

Does this presenter have direct experience in implementing the program/concept? Yes No
If yes, please describe experience


7. If your concept/program is selected for inclusion in the face-to-face program are you and your co-presenter willing to travel to Nashville to present your content in person? Yes No

8. Each room will be equipped with a laptop, LCD projector, screen, hardwired internet connection, audio and video capabilities. Does your presentation require any additional technology? Yes No


8a. IF YES - If so, please describe your additional needs/requirements – 80 characters


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