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APRIL 11, 2021
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Code of Conduct


In order to attend AACC Live, you must read and agree to the Association’s Code of Conduct, which is outlined as a part of registration. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken several precautions to minimize risk during AACC Live. If you choose to attend, you’ll follow these standards. Your adherence to these guidelines will allow us to fulfill our duty of care.
  • Do not travel if you feel sick.
  • Do not attend if you feel sick.
  • Complete the health screening survey for the 14 days leading up to the event and each day onsite prior to arriving at the meeting space
  • Once arriving to the AACC Live location, change out of your own personal protective equipment (PPE) and use onsite-provided PPE (KN-95 masks or cloth masks with PM2.5 carbon filters) and hand sanitization stations.
  • If you are in the meeting space for more than 8 hours each day, return to the PPE station to get a new mask. (Masks should be changed every 8 hours.)
  • Wear association-provided masks while in the meeting space.
  • Wash your hands frequently.  
  • Follow social distancing guidelines and traffic flow signs.
  • Do not bring food or drinks into meeting rooms. All individuals are required to wear masks at all times.
  • Only remove your mask in designated “mask break” areas.
In addition, the American Association of Community Colleges seeks to foster a welcoming and intellectually stimulating experience for all participants. While AACC Live and AACC Digital are places for the open exchange of opinions by diverse individuals, the Association expects respect and inclusivity for all from conference participants, presenters, vendors, employees, and staff. In furtherance of this purpose, any behavior, whether personal or professional, that is unwelcome and offensive, or shows disrespect or aggression, will not be tolerated. 

Participants, presenters, vendors, employees, and staff are strongly encouraged to be alert and report to AACC staff any behavior inconsistent with this Code of Conduct. If anyone is made to feel unsafe or unwelcome, that situation should be immediately reported to the AACC Help Desk, which will notify the appropriate individuals on staff assigned to address the infraction. Persons determined by AACC to have engaged in unacceptable behavior may be excluded from further participation and may be required to depart the Live meeting or virtual platform. 


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