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Welcome to registration for the 99th Annual Convention.

Please make sure to select the correct registration type that corresponds to you. AACC will audit all registrations, and will make modifications to attendee type if you select the incorrect category. 

Registration Type



A community college, campus, district, state office, educational associate, or corporate partner that is an AACC member in good standing

Non-Member College

A community college or university accredited by one of the regional accrediting agencies that does not have a current AACC membership.

Faculty Member or Non-Member

Defined as professor, associate professor, instructor or faculty employed with a member or nonmember college. This category does not include employees who also hold administrative positions, i.e., deans or chairs.

Graduate Student Member or Non-Member

Individual enrolled in a doctoral program; Graduate students employed by member colleges are eligible for the member rate.

To receive the graduate student rate, an individual must be currently enrolled in a doctoral program, and must upload a letter of proof of current enrollment from the university’s registrar or the director of the doctoral program. The letter must be on the institution’s letterhead. The registration will remain in pending status until the letter of enrollment is reviewed and verified.

Spouse/Partner Member or Non-Member

The spouse/partner registration is an add-on to Member and Non-Member College registrations. A spouse/partner is a life partner in a marriage, civil union, domestic partnership or common-law marriage.


The corporate registration rate applies to any business entity not enrolled in the AACC Corporate Program.

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