April 28 – May 1, 2018 • Dallas, TX

Proposal Guidelines

AACC will accept proposal submissions in three proposal formats.


  • Traditional Forum (60 minutes) – A minimum of two presenters, and a maximum of four presenters will provide in-depth practical instruction to enhance capabilities and critical skills.
  • The Upside-Down Classroom (45 minutes) – A minimum of two presenters, and a maximum of three presenters. This session requires that learning materials are made available to participants before they arrive onsite so that they come to the meeting briefed on the details and ready to explore how to use them.
  • Express Talk (15 minutes) – One speaker exploring a single idea and illustrating practical tips through story telling.

Interest Area

Submission must be linked to one interest area that adequately categorizes where it would fit in the operational structure of a community college

  • Academic Affairs & Student Affairs
  • College Operations
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Fundraising/Corporate Relations
  • Government Relations
  • Leadership
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Research & IR
  • Technology
  • Workforce & Economic Development

Learning Levels

Individuals at all different stages of their careers attend AACC. Those attendees require different levels of learning. Each proposal submission selects a learning level to help attendees evaluate if it is a match to their knowledge base.

The learning levels are outlined below.

  1. Limited understanding of the subject area seeking introductory understanding of the content.
  2. Some experience seeking to build on, apply or enhance existing knowledge.
  3. Substantial prerequisite knowledge seeking the most up-to-date information to heighten expertise.

21st-Century Commission Recommendations

Increasing student success and completion is one of the major priorities of community colleges. Submission must tie to one of the 21st-Century Commission recommendations, and proposal must describe exactly how the topic relates to the recommendation selected.

Proposal Title

Title should be catchy and gets to the point about the topic of the presentation. The title can be no more than 66 characters including spaces.

Proposal Description

Proposal description should be two or three sentences that are hard-hitting and succinctly describes what the session will be about. This description can be no more than 50 words.

Additional Questions

  1. Submission needs to clearly explain why AACC should consider selecting this proposal for the 2018 program. (This response will assist reviewers in determining the relevance of the topic being proposed.)
  2. Session must clearly articulate why convention attendees should attend this session. (This response will assist reviewers in determining the relevance of the topic being proposed.)
  3. Submission must clearly state what participants will learn by attending this session by speaking to knowledge, skills and attitude. Knowledge is defined as what the attendee will learn. Skills are defined as what the attendee will be able to do as a result of attending the presentation. And attitude refers to the outlook or perspective the attendee will have on the topic/subject area as a result of attending the session.


All rooms will be set-up with an LCD projector and screen. AACC is able to accommodate a small number of internet requests, and will only consider them at the onset of the proposal submission process.

  • Session must describe how technology will be used in the session to engage the audience.
  • Session must answer whether internet is required for the proposal.
  • Session must answer whether audio required for this proposal.

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