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  • Conference Location: All events are at the Indianapolis Crowne Plaza, unless otherwise noted. 

  • Pacers Bikeshare: A pass for complimentary use of Pacers Bikeshare will be provided to all attendees. 

  • Bicycle Storage: Complimentary, safe and covered bicycle storage will be provided at the Crowne Plaza from 12 p.m. Tuesday, May 1, to 7 p.m. Thursday May 3. 

  • Pre-Conference Symposium: The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is hosting a Cultural Trail Symposium, a deep dive into the 8-mile linear park and bicycle and pedestrian path, April 30 - May 1 in advance of the conference so that people can take advantage of both events in downtown Indianapolis. Details and registration here

Tuesday, May 1



12 - 6 pm


Location: Crowne Plaza Grand Hall
NOTE: The opening reception is off-site at the Rathskeller, and registration will not be offered there. Please either register in advance of attending the opening reception, or on Wednesday May 2. 


1 - 4 pm

Option #1: Rolling bike tour of Indianapolis bicycle infrastructure (invitation only) 

Option #2: Indianapolis SRAM manufacturing facility tour (complimentary, transportation provided)

Location: Departing from the Pan Am Plaza, which is directly across from the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

4 - 5 pm


5 - 7:30 pm

Opening plenary reception, sponsored by New Belgium Brewing

  • Welcome from Indianapolis Mayor Hogsett and Central Indiana Community Foundation president and CEO Brian Payne

  • Welcome from SRAM director of operations Chris Case

  • Keynote from Doug Gordon, writer and producer, BrooklynSpoke.com

Off-site location: The Rathskeller, in the 19th century Athenaeum Building (401 East Michigan Street)


8:30 - 9:30 pm 

DRAFT: PlacesForBikes Conference

DRAFT is a nationwide meetup series that taps into people who love bikes, biz and beer. Our events bring communities together to celebrate the latest bike industry innovations. Speeches, announcements and conversations allow business leaders, product developers, tech innovators, advocates, artists and more to share big ideas—all while enjoying delicious craft beer. 

Location: Iron Horse (below the Crowne Plaza Grand Hall)

Wednesday, May 2



6 am - 3 pm


Location: Crowne Plaza Grand Hall

7 - 8 am


8 - 8:45 am

Keynote: Manuel Calvo, mastermind and leader of Sevilla, Spain's bicycle network

Location: Crowne Plaza Grand Hall

8:45 - 9 am 


9 - 10 am

Breakout sessions #1 - #3

#1 PLAN: Funding Mobility Projects: Every city uses unique funding strategies to develop bike infrastructure. Learn how to position bikes as adding value to the transportation network, build public and political support for bold funding programs, and leverage partnerships to help investments pay off. 

  • Ben Davis, Principal, OnSight Public Affairs (Denver)

  • Timur Ender, Capital Project Manager, Portland Bureau of Transportation

  • Moderator: Shannon Morgan Stearns; SVP, Chief Marketing Officer; The Trust for Public Land (San Francisco)

#2 BUILD: Building Better by Building Quicker: Cities and towns of all sizes are using temporary, flexible infrastructure demonstrations and pilots to accelerate change and mobilize support. Learn about the creative tools and techniques that show everyone how familiar streets can function differently and function better. 
  • Mike Basarich, Manager of Cycling Infrastructure, Saris Cycling Group (Madison, WI)

  • Anthony Garcia, President, Streets Plan Collaborative (Miami)

  • Joanna Taft, Executive Director, Harrison Center for the Arts (Indianapolis)

  • Moderator: Nick Oyler, Bikeway & Pedestrian Program Manager, City of Memphis

#3 ENGAGE: Changing the Way Your City Engages: Ask 10 people what bicycling means to them and you’ll get 10 different responses. The ways we view transportation and mobility are as diverse as the makeup of our communities. Building great places requires thoughtful accommodation of local perspectives. Learn how different communities come to understand and view bicycling and what advocates, city officials, and retailers can do make sure everyone gets to enjoy the ride.
  • Brandee Lepak, Owner, Global Bikes; Founder and Executive Director, Trips for Kids Phoenix

  • Oboi Reed, President and CEO, Equiticity (Chicago)

  • Sara Studdard, Community Engagement and Marketing Director, Explore Bike Share (Memphis)

  • Moderator: Zoe Kircos, Director of Grants and Partnerships, PeopleForBikes

10 - 10:15 am   


10:15 - 11:15 am  

Breakout sessions #4 - #6

#4 PLAN: Planning for Networks, Not Just Projects: A bike lane that ends abruptly in a place that no one views as a destination may add to a city’s mileage total, but it won't change anyone's behavior. Similarly, a painted bike lane along a 45mph roadway is highly unlikely to be attractive or safe for children to use when riding to school. Fully connected and comfortably designed multimodal networks are indispensable. Learn how to measure the value benefits of new bike infrastructure and how to know when you have to build what.
  • Dan Goodman, Transportation Specialist, Office of Human Environment, Federal Highway Administration (Washington, DC)

  • Nicole Payne, Program Manager, Cities for Cycling, National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) (New York City)

  • Moderator: Kyle Wagenschutz, Director of Local Innovation, PeopleForBikes

#5 BUILD: Smarter Parking for Better Biking: Managing parking availability and demand is the single most powerful tool to get people to think beyond cars. It's also an untapped potential public revenue source and an area that, as self-driving taxis arrive in the next few years, will be ripe for reform. But most of us don't know really how to talk about parking reform. This panel will make it less scary.

  • Kathryn Doherty-Chapman; Bicycle Program and Employee Outreach Manager; Go Lloyd (Portland, OR)

  • Jacky Grimshaw; Vice President for Governmental Affairs; Center for Neighborhood Technology (Chicago)

  • Brock Howell, Founder, Bicycle Security Advisors (Seattle)

  • Moderator: Michael Andersen, PlacesForBikes staff writer, PeopleForBikes

#6 MEASURE: The Economic Value of PlacesForBikes - Making the Case: Success in building better places for bikes depends on how well we can demonstrate the value of biking to a community. Elected officials, funders, community leaders and business owners can be influenced by narratives that focus on the economic contributions that bikes generate. Learn how you can measure and describe the economic gains related to bicycling in your community and leverage those results to secure future investment. 

  • Jenny Liu, Assistant Professor, Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning + Assistant Director, Northwest Economic Research Center, Portland State University 

  • Jeremy Pate, Home Region Program Officer, Walton Family Foundation (Bentonville, AR)

  • Kevin Williams, Managing Director, BBC Research (Denver)

  • Moderator: Jennifer Boldry, Director of Research, PeopleForBikes

11:15 am - 12:45 pm 

Lunch and Keynote: Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to the Obama Foundation and Attn, and a Senior and Distinguished Fellow at the University of Chicago Law School

Introduced by Stan Day, president, SRAM
Location: Crowne Plaza Grand Hall


12:45 - 1 pm


1 - 2:30 pm

Panel Discussion #1: Places to Be: Reconsidering City Movement

PlacesForBikes panels pull in big brains from different disciplines to tackle shared challenges in the bike world. By addressing big picture challenges with specific ideas, these panelists are dedicating their careers to thinking about better ways to move people safely and efficiently around cities. A moderator will open the discussion, each panelist will describe the problem and their disruption solution, panelists will ask each other questions with moderator support, and the moderators will facilitate audience Q&A. 

Cities are more congested than ever. Public spaces are crowded. Space and money for transportation systems are hard to engineer and difficult to fund. As urban mobility evolves, where does the public want to go and how? What is the private sector doing to build a safe, intuitive combination of options? What will city mobility look like in 5, 10, 20 years -- and which cities are best preparing for it now? Four innovative leaders will predict the future in a conversation about the changes they're betting on.

  • Keith Benjamin, Director of the Department of Traffic and Transportation, City of Charleston

  • Lee Jones, Director of Business Development, BCycle (Madison, WI)

  • Nolan Moser, Assistant VP Bicycle Component Division, Shimano (Irvine, CA)

  • Jake Sigal, CEO, Tome Software (Detroit)

Location: Crowne Plaza Grand Hall


2:30 - 5 pm

E-Bike Demo

Stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and experience pedal-assist e-bike technology firsthand with an e-bike demo presented by Bosch and Trek. Pedal-assist e-bikes boost a cyclists pedal power with electric power at speeds up to 20 or 28 mph. Attendees will be able to ride the e-bikes on the Cultural Trail. 

Location: Crowne Plaza and Indianapolis Cultural Trail


2:30 - 5 pm

Visit the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: Take a self-guided or guided ride (or walk) on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and participate in a low stress scavenger hunt.

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare bikes and Trek e-bikes will be available for the ride. 
Location: Crowne Plaza and Indianapolis Cultural Trail
Note: A limited number of helmets will be provided. If possible, please bring your own!


5 - 6 pm


6 - 9 pm

Reception, dinner, trivia and awards  

Off-site location: NCAA Headquarters
Grab an Indiana Pacers Bikeshare and ride the mile to the event, or walk along the Cultural Trail.


Thursday, May 3



7 - 8 am


8 - 8:30 am

Keynote speaker: Toks Omishakin, Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Environment and Planning, Tennessee Department of Transportation

Introduced by John Burke, president, Trek
Location: Crowne Plaza Grand Hall


8:30 - 9:30 am

Mayor's Panel

Most city CEOs view bicycling as a positive -- an activity that helps address key community challenges such as congestion, noise and air pollution, and the high cost of providing and maintaining parking. But bicycling means different things to different cities. The mayor's panel will share and discuss the best strategies that include bicycling to make cities better. 
  • Mayor Greg Ballard (former), Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Mayor Lori Buck, Fruita, Colorado

  • Mayor James Brainard, Carmel, Indiana

  • Additional mayors pending

  • Moderated by Doug Gordon

Location: Crowne Plaza Grand Hall

9:30 - 9:45 am


9:45 - 10:45 am

Breakout sessions #7 - #9

#7 ENGAGE: Community Ambassadors: As U.S. cities recognize the importance of effective public outreach, many are creating community engagement ambassadors. Typically residents of a target neighborhood, ambassadors are equipped to help educate and empower key stakeholders in the activities that build better biking. From bike share systems to neighborhood-based planning, ambassadors can help reach diverse constituents in a casual and familiar way. Learn about the different roles ambassadors play in different communities and come away with ideas for your own ambassador program.
  • Alice Friedman, Senior Project Manager, New York City Department of Transportation

  • Lyndsey Pender, Research and Evaluation Specialist, The Works, Inc. (Memphis)

  • Haydée Santana, Community Engagement Director, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition 

  • Moderator: Keith Benjamin, Director of the Department of Traffic and Transportation, City of Charleston

#8 ENGAGE: PlacesForKids: Bikes are fun. Kids like to have fun. But are kids still having fun on bikes? Gain insights on the current state of bicycling among youth, what barriers are preventing more kids from getting on bikes, and solutions that put more kids on two wheels.
  • Tom Hanley, CEO, Nine13 Sports (Indianapolis)

  • Kyla Templeton, Executive Director, Northwest Arkansas National Interscholastic Cycling League (NICA) (Bentonville, AR)

  • Kimberly Price, Director of Research and School Programs, The Specialized Foundation (Morgan Valley, CA)

  • Moderator: Anthony Taylor, Adventures Director, Loppet Foundation (Minneapolis)

#9 MEASURE: What Gets Measured Gets Done: The PlacesForBikes City Ratings: From protected bike lanes to bike parks, the PlacesForBikes City Ratings are designed to encourage and support cities in building better places for all people to ride. In this session you will learn how the PlacesForBikes City Ratings are calculated and what you can do to quickly improve your score and improve your community.     
  • Jennifer Boldry, Director of Research, PeopleForBikes

  • Kyle Wagenschutz, Director of Local Innovation, PeopleForBikes

10:45 - 11 am


11 am - 1 pm

Grab-and-go lunch with your respective peer groups, or topic area discussions

Join a group of peers to talk about joint challenges and solutions, or meet with a small group about a topic of your choosing. We'll provide enough rooms and "nooks" to all to have a private space. 

Location: Crowne Plaza

1 - 2:30 pm

Panel Discussion #2: People to See: Innovation in Bicycling Participation

PlacesForBikes panels pull in big brains from different disciplines to tackle shared challenges in the bike world. By addressing big picture challenges with specific ideas, these panelists are dedicating their careers to thinking about better ways to move people safely and efficiently around cities. A moderator will open the discussion, each panelist will describe the problem and their disruption solution, panelists will ask each other questions with moderator support, and the moderators will facilitate audience Q&A. 

We all recognize the big barriers to bicycling: concern about safety, skill, fitness, who to ride with, and where? Millions of Americans say that they’d like to bike but most ride only occasionally, or not at all. What can we do to help them? How can we get more people riding bikes more often? Four leading lights discuss new strategies to make the biking community bigger.

  • Eric Lynn, Founder/CEO, blackriver.cc (Madison, WI)

  • Milissa Rick, Senior Director, Marketing, Schwinn and Mongoose (Madison, WI)

  • More panelists to be announced

  • Moderator: Jenn Dice, VP of Business Network

Location: Crowne Plaza Grand Hall

2:30 - 2:45 pm
2:45 - 4 pm

Action planning: Improving your City Rating Score (not just for cities -- everyone plays a role!)

  • Kyle Wagenschutz, Director of Local Innovation, PeopleForBikes

Location: Crowne Plaza Grand Hall

4 - 5 pm

Happy hour, closing thoughts and 2019 Conference announcement

Location: Crowne Plaza Grand Hall

5 pm
Conference adjourns



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