Sponsorship & Partners

Sponsorships & Advertising

The Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center, offers us many unique opportunities for sponsorship and advertising. Confirmed exhibitors will find up-to-date Sponsorship availability in their Exhibitor Service Center. Simply log into your Service Center to check it out.

Please contact Amber Heffner at 309-221-2868 or aheffner@iceberg.org for more information.

Partnerships with ICE

Do you want to extend your reach to our membership beyond #ICE19? We also offer opportunities for year-long partnerships with ICE.

Why partner with ICE?
  • Build brand awareness among your target demographic and showcase your company as a leader in educational technology
  • Be recognized for your partnership and commitment on the ICE website, at numerous ICE events and in multiple communication channels throughout the year
  • Receive discounts on advertising, exhibit space, and other sponsorship opportunities for reaching our members
For more information on ICE Partnerships, please visit our webpage or contact Amber Heffner at 309-221-2868 or aheffner@iceberg.org.



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